Tehran International Cargo

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Tahran Yurtdışı Kargo

Tehran International Cargo

Tehran, the largest city in Iran, has a population of around 8 million. Tehran, the metropolitan city of Iran, is the most socially and economically developed city. There are 13 districts, 43 municipalities and around 1358 villages in Tehran. Which made its name with a history dating back to 4000 years BC is sent Tehran a daily basis, thousands of cargo from Turkey.

Hundreds of millions of products from the sector from Turkey to Tehran, personal shipments, all kinds of packets are sent as sending documents envelope. However, not every product can be sent to Iran due to the embargo imposed by the USA. However, as a company, all your personal and company shipments that are not prohibited to Iran are sent at the most affordable prices.

Tahran Yurtdışı Kargo

Cheapest Tehran Cargo

It is very easy to send cargo to Tehran, the largest city in Iran. All your cargoes sent by land and air are sent at the most affordable prices. Fast express Iran creates a price for you by calculating desi for your cargoes. The most affordable prices of the market are offered by calculating a volume based on the weight and size of your cargo. The width - length - height of the package is multiplied for the calculation of the volume desi for Tehran. With the resulting result, you divide five thousand and find the volume, the desi value. According to this desi value, we send out your cargo by creating a shipment abroad in Tehran.

Tahran Yurtdışı Kargo

Tehran Mask Submission

The covid 19 virus, which first appeared in China, spread the world and affected the world. The most effective way to protect against the virus that affects the world is by using a mask. People should have easy access to this type of medical device when it comes to using a mask. After the corona virus appeared in our country, the sale of masks was prohibited for domestic and international. However, after the corona virus was taken under control, the ban on sales at home and abroad was lifted. The sale of masks has been made legal for easy access of states and people abroad. With the disappearance of the prohibitions, companies and individuals are sent masks to Tehran.

Tehran Drug Delivery

Delivery of drugs by international cargo is a very difficult process. In this difficult process, every company may not want to send medicines. Because in the delivery of the drug, the prescription of the drug, the medicine package insert, the doctor's report, the medical report and other health documents are requested. Companies that want to send medicines to Tehran should keep these documents complete. With this type of documents, drug dispatches to the Tehran are easily passed. If you send medicines to Tehran without these documents, you may return from customs.

Tahran Yurtdışı Kargo

Tehran Document and Envelope Sending

We send overseas cargo of individuals and companies wishing to send documents and envelopes to the largest city in Iran. Our company offers all kinds of cargo services for anyone who wants to send documents in Tehran. All kinds of files, documents, confidential documents, documents, and all your company and personal shipments to Tehran are made to thousands of addresses in Tehran at fast, safe and economical prices.

Tehran's Abbas Abad, Afsariye, Amaniye, Amir Abad, Aryashahr, Bagh Feiz, Baharestan, Dereke, Darband, Dardasht, Dar Abad, Darrous, Dehkadeh Olampik, Ekhtiyariyeh, Ekbatan, Elahiyeh, Evin, Farmanieh, Fereshteh, Gheitariye, Gholhak, Gisha, Gomrok, Hasan Abad, Jamaran, Jannat Abad, Javadiyeh, Jomhuri, Jordan, Lavizan, Mehran, Narmak, Navab, Nazi Abad, Niavaran, Park-e Shahr, Pasdaran, Piroozi, Punak, Ray, Sa'adat Abad All kinds of packages, documents and documents to all districts such as Sadeghiyeh, Seyed Khandan, Sohrevardi, Shahrara, Shahr-e ziba, Shahrak-e Gharb, Shemiran, Tajrish, Tehranno, Tehranpars, Tehransar, Vanak, Velenjak, Yaft Abad, Yusef Abad, Zafaraniye. your personal belongings are sent. Fast express provides professional services in this direction to its customers in the international cargo service to be made in Tehran.

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