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international documents online via the Internet, send all kinds of overseas cargo and courier packages such as, express or economically priced options with transfers from abroad from Turkey or abroad can be sent to Turkey.
For information about international courier and cargo prices:
0212 5414410 or 0232 4251202 - 0232 4251205

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Your International Air Cargo Exports are made to the Airport Delivery at Economic Prices. Delivery to your address for international cargoes are available.
Cheapest Shipping Abroad For Information: 0232 4251382

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Dry ice is used for fast express transportation of frozen products without spoiling in international cargo food shipments. For international express courier and European fast cargo delivery for international dry-ice package shipments: 0232 4254583

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Export and Import your LTL are for Europe, delivered as road transfers are provided so that the Istanbul customs exit and entrance at affordable prices to address Turkey or abroad. Overseas Cargo Highway Information: 0212 5414410

Fast Express transports your commercial and individual cargoes in accordance with international standards thanks to the agreements it has made with overseas cargo, international import companies and export companies, private warehouses, international cargo transportation companies and agencies. Fast Express is aware of the responsibility of the cargo and classifies the customer needs, business and transportation planning, as well as the main transport models, from domestic transportation to warehousing and customs clearance calculates every detail. In the international cargo sector, our company, considering every detail with the meticulousness of a customer, offers fast, economical solutions with high quality service understanding in all international cargo services.

Air cargo, according to our customers' demands and needs of the most reliable, most economical, we assume your way in the international air cargo will be the fastest from Turkey and overseas delivery or overseas outlets and Turkey cheap proudly airway cargo. Turkey from the world's air cargo transport by the country or abroad to countries at every point or individual all commercial shipments to Turkey are transported safely. You can contact us for the cheapest and most economical international cargo deliveries by airway cargo transportation abroad.

Germany shipping, your packages in Germany or bring your package in Turkey Turkey is to use a special method of packaging to avoid damage during transport, our company pack your pack if you want to take on the transport to Germany. Your goods are packed carefully because it will go a long way. Packaging is carried out by qualified personnel. Therefore, your goods will be delivered without any problems. When you want to take advantage of our cargo service and price content Germany Turkey Turkey Germany can communicate with our customers and cargo services from 5.41441 million telephone 0090 212 0090 2324251202-03-04-05 or Istanbul.

European cargo is delivered to many parts of Europe. Although our European Cargo prices are economical, they are delivered to all European countries with counter payment. You can send your overseas cargoes in a fast, reliable and convenient way with the cheapest overseas cargo facilities. You can send all your cargo with one day delivery times. European Cargo delivery time is 1 day. Our European cargo prices are economical. Your package, all of Turkey will be charged to your address in the city you generally satisfies the same day transfers are made to shipped overseas.

In addition to the import and export of the goods in your country, you can also send documents, documents, documents to all countries abroad with Fast Express shipping. Fast Express cargo eliminates the stressful process that ends with the receiving of the counter-buyer from the moment it goes abroad. The cash value of the goods / products you send from your region to another country in the world should not exceed 7500 euro. In addition, if the total weight exceeds 150 kilograms, you should contact Fast Express cargo again. There are some vat riskers faced by the companies that send their goods for these purposes. In accordance with the VAT law, the goods or services you send will be held liable for the tax of the country shipped according to the Princip Destination Principle ken. The VAT of the exporting country is not calculated, but instead is calculated by VAT laws in accordance with the principle of destination of the country of destination. Fast Express cargo in the process of sending goods with cargo abroad, saves you from this problematic cases of VAT. You can contact us for more information about the subject. Shipments you entrust to us in overseas express cargo service are transported in the fastest and most economical way and delivered safely.

shipments to other countries in the world than any city in the world has the technology and the development of present-day conditions with longer times in which we find international courier services in Turkey is very comfortable, it can be very fast. Within the scope of overseas cargo services; All your documents, gift items, parcels, products, documents, export goods, documents are delivered to the point you want in the country you want quickly and reliably. Whether it is actual export, credit export, value-added or free export, transit and record-linked export, leasing and clearing; we need to send goods by cargo abroad. Fast Express meets your cargo needs fast, safe and affordable overseas cargo. For corporate companies participating in different fair organizations in different regions of the world; exhibition stand equipment, advertising equipment, brochures, documents and catalogs to be used for the exhibition

With our International Cargo service, we provide you with fast and affordable shipping service. We offer you the most economical prices in the sector with our aircraft cargo service. Our company, which provides transportation services in accordance with international rules, sends cargo without tiring your budget thanks to its strong connections.
With our online system, you can send your cargo instantly with a click. Create your shipment by clicking on the Create an online shipping shipment link on our website. Your cargoes are taken from your door and delivered to the people you specify at the addresses you specify. You can follow the cargo on our website.
We send the shipping address you want to abroad at economical prices. Documents, documents, confidential documents, files, homework, lecture notes, deed, contract documents, and any documents you can think of are sent at the most affordable prices.
Turkey's Leading all kinds of overseas cargo shipping your personal belongings retail and commercial firms are being sent at the most affordable prices. All kinds of cargo packages are taken from you at the cheapest prices in a very short time and sent to your desired location.
We deliver all kinds of cargoes to our desired destination abroad with our aircrafts without exhausting your budget. Your cargoes are sent to Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Antarctic countries for 2-3 days at fast and cheap prices.
As fast express, despite the increase in prices from every sector in recent years, as a company, we send your cargo with the most reasonable prices by considering the budget and market conditions of our customers. Your cargo from Turkey are sent to countries all over the world or your world with fast shipping and cheaper price to Turkey.