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Homepage - Road Exports

You can send all kinds of international cargo and courier shipments such as international documents and packages online, from Turkey to abroad or from abroad to Turkey with express or economically priced transfer options.
For information about international courier and cargo prices:
0212 5414410 or 0232 4251202 - 0232 4251205

Homepage - Airline Exports

Your International Air Cargo Exports are Made as Airport Delivery at Economic Prices. Address delivery services are available for your international cargoes.
The cheapest shipping abroad For information: 0232 4251382

Home - Dry Ice

Dry ice is used for fast express transportation of frozen products without spoiling in international cargo food shipments. For international express courier and European fast cargo delivery for international dry-ice package shipments: 0232 4254583

Homepage - Partial Road Exports for Europe

For your Partial Highway Exports and Imports for Europe, land transfers are provided as address delivery to abroad or Turkey, with Istanbul customs exit and entry at affordable prices. Overseas Cargo Highway For Information: 0212 5414410

Fast Express carries your commercial and individual cargoes in accordance with international standards, thanks to the agreements it has made with Overseas Cargo , international import companies and export companies , private warehouses, international cargo transportation companies all over the world, and agencies. Fast Express is aware of its cargo responsibility, categorizes customer needs, and calculates every detail from domestic transportation to warehousing and customs clearance, as well as the main transportation models while planning business and transportation. In the international cargo sector, our firm, which considers every detail with the meticulousness of a customer, offers fast and economical solutions in all international cargo services with a quality service approach.

With the international cargo service, your cargo is sent by air, by land, by sea and by air cargo at fast and economical prices. Your packages and documents are transported according to International IATA rules. By measuring the weight and dimensions of your cargo, we safely take it abroad to its final recipient. You can create and send your cargo abroad by creating an “online international shipment”. You can also reach us by contacting us on our Contact page or by filling out the Contact form and send your cargo.
For the calculation of international cargo volume deci, the width - length - height of the package is multiplied. With the result, you will find the volume, that is, the desi value, by dividing by five thousand. We send your cargo by creating international cargo shipments according to this desi value. You can see the prices by selecting the country you will send online from our website.
Germany and Türkiye have very strong relations in terms of import and export. There are countless ways to send packages and documents from Germany to Turkey on a daily basis. We make shipments from Germany to Turkey in a fast and reliable way with air cargo. We carry your Fast Express cargo, which sends cargo from Germany at economical prices, according to international rules. Your cargo is calculated according to the desi value and sent from Germany to Turkey.
After passing through customs, international cargo reaches its destination with our courier services. The most important point in sending international cargo is when the cargo is delivered, where it is, what processes it goes through and when it will be delivered to the address. As Fast Express, we offer our customers the opportunity to track their cargo through the "Cargo Tracking" system on our website.
With international cargo shipment, you can send any package, palletized product, documents, documents and personal belongings you want to anywhere in the world. Thanks to our fast and economical solutions, you can send abroad every product of companies from every sector, including documents, files, food products, technological, textile, metal, plastic, glass, spare parts, white goods, stationery and private goods. Fast Express, which does not distinguish between customers and sectors, sends international shipments quickly, safely and at affordable prices.
Since our cargo is sent by air cargo, we can deliver your cargo to European countries in 1 day. Your shipments are delivered to other countries within a maximum of 6 days.