Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

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Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

The history of Iran, which dates back to thousands of years BC, has come to the present day with changes. It is a very rich country in terms of the friendliness of the Iranian people, which has become the center of the Middle East, and the natural beauties of Iran. Iran and Turkey are countries with close economic relations. Trade and economic relations between the two countries continue despite the embargoes. Except for the trade of prohibited products, all other goods are transferred between Turkey and Iran.

We import products such as petroleum products, aluminum, natural gas, processed zinc, synthetic fiber yarn from Iran by Turkey. In Iran, some basic products such as hygienic products, baby products, tobacco goods, automobiles, stationery products, zinc ores, metals, textile products, plastic products, food products, machinery, cement, ceramics, leather products, chemical industry products and spare parts products. by export. Apart from these products, cargo shipping is also made between Turkey and Iran.

Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

Iran International Cargo Document Sending

All kinds of documents, documents, documents, special documents, confidential documents, and agreements can be sent to Iran and from Iran to our country via cargo. Since this type of cargo is absolutely important, it is sent quickly and safely.

Iran Mask Delivery

Due to the ban on the sale and export of masks in Turkey, there was no shipping to the world. However, with the lifting of this ban, it has become legal to send masks to the whole world, including Iran. Individuals and companies who want to send masks to Iran can contact our company and send masks.

Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

Sending Hygienic Products to Iran

With the termination of the registration and permit application in the export of Disinfectant, Cologne, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethyl Alcohol, the export route to Iran appeared. Now individuals and companies can easily sell all kinds of hygienic products to Iran.

Sending Medicines to Iran

It is a difficult process to send medicines to Iran and all over the world with overseas cargo. While sending the medicine, the Iranian customs question why the medicine was taken and ask for some documents. It is obligatory to have all necessary documents such as doctor's report, drug prospectus, social health information. Because when the documents are missing, drug products can be returned from the Uranian customs. Anyone who wants to send medicine to Iran can send any kind of medicine to Iran in the light of the necessary documents.

Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

The Most Affordable Iran Cargo Fees

All kinds of cargo packages, documents and personal shipments are sent to Iran at the most affordable prices. We send cargo to all cities of Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Meshed, Ishafan, Amul, Sari, Gurgan, Shahrud, Kashan, Erak, Kum, Kermanshah, Ardebil, Rasht, Zanjan, Shiraz, Hamedan and Ahwaz at economical prices. We also send cargo from Iran to 81 provinces in our country.

In Iran cargo prices, desi calculation is made and cargo is sent. To calculate the volume deci, the width - length - height of the package is multiplied. With the result, you will find the volume, that is, the desi value, by dividing by five thousand. We create international cargo shipments according to this desi value and send your cargo to Iran and Turkey at the cheapest prices. In addition, submissions Iranian cargo campaign by going to the page by clicking the link campaigns to take advantage of our campaign links can benefit from our most affordable price with shipping cargo services.

Cheapest Iran Cargo Prices

Fast Express; Iran Cargo provides professional services to our esteemed customers with its excellent service principle and quality service understanding in document, package transportation, sending and distribution of documents and envelopes.

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