International Shipping
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International Cargo Operations

With the developing technology in recent years, cargo transportation has also become important points. In many areas such as better and faster vehicles and the best tracking systems, instruments have emerged which enable the cargo to arrive quickly and safely. Fast-Express We carry all materials, personal belongings and special documents to all countries of the world.

Overseas Cargo Stages

Overseas cargo transportation is carried by air planes, ships by sea, trains, trucks and trucks by land. In addition, the cargo you want to reach quickly by our express cargo system is easily transported to the courier. We will inform you at every step by following our system where your sent goods are from the moment they are delivered to the cargo. Whether the transportation of materials or customs procedures, we follow up to the person to whom it will be delivered. Our cargo tracking system works with other companies in a much better and safer way.

We work diligently to avoid any harm to your arm, personal belongings or documents. Regardless of the content of your materials, we carry patiently until you reach the right addresses. We protect your products against the risk of loss on the road. Your cargo is important and valuable for us. Your cargoes are Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, India, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Iran, Norway, African countries, America We carry your cargoes to many countries in the continent, Asia and all the world countries.

Technological products, car parts, textile products, food products, special documents and personal goods are transported in overseas cargo transportation. Food products are the most important here. Food products can be deteriorated by acting more sensitive to ensure that your goods are transported without damage. When sending cargo abroad, we handle all transactions that occur in this process quickly. We will notify you by following all the customs clearance, foreign customs clearance and all the procedures when your cargo arrives at the correct address.

International Cargo Handling

100% customer satisfaction is our only goal in fast-express overseas cargo transportation. We are very happy when our customers are satisfied. Our professional staff pay attention to every detail in international cargo transportation. Customs regulations of all countries, restrictions in some countries, quota applications are being handled easily by overseas cargo operations.

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