Iran International Cargo Egypt Shipping

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Iran International Cargo Egypt Shipping

Iran is located on the Asian continent. The Islamic Republic of Iran, which borders Turkey to the northwest, is in a strategic geopolitical position. Iran, with a growing population of around 80-85 million, has a great history. Iran's foreign trade policy is generally protective. International sanctions have an effect on the protectionist economic structure. There is also a strong lobby that supports the protectionist economic structure within the country. The Iranian economy is in a structure where statist policies are intense and oil and gas exports are important in the performance of the economy. It is seen that the state is still an important economic actor with around 477 factories. In addition to the state, it is seen that the extensions of the state and the country's security apparatus and religious foundations have an important place in economic life.

Relations between Iran and Turkey date back to ancient times. Iran is our border neighbor with which we have strong commercial relations. At the same time, we have political cooperation, social relations, cultural exchanges and commercial infrastructure with Iran. There are agreements between the two countries, especially in the field of energy. Our relations with Iran, which has a say in a significant part of our foreign trade, will continue in the coming years. Although Iran is going through hard times due to the embargoes of the USA and European countries, it does not experience difficulties in meeting basic needs.

International Shipping Prices

Iran purchases corn from abroad by operating intensively in the international arena. When calculating Iran, which buys corn at the most affordable prices, pricing is made by taking into account the higher value of volume or weight information. While calculating the volume, the width, height and height are multiplied in cm and divided by the volume calculation figure of 5000.

International Cargo Delivery Time

Economic delivery options are also available for Egypt shipments to Iran. Economic deliveries are slower than express deliveries but are more affordable. Economic deliveries to Iran can be delivered within 3 working days according to service changes and within 7 working days depending on service. Your international cargo can go abroad no matter which city you are in. The shipment information to be sent out should be sent to the relevant cargo company and information should be obtained about how many days and under what conditions the cargo can be delivered in the light of the information.

Iran Air Cargo

It is very important that the cargoes to be sent to Iran are usually sent by air cargo. Because our company already prefers a way in this direction because it is safe and fast. Corns sent by air are provided in accordance with IATA rules. You can contact us for the products you want to send air cargo to Iran, and you can get more detailed and healthy information. For communication, you can reach us at or e-mail: [email protected] or at the Istanbul Overseas Cargo agency phone number 0212 541 4410 or from the Izmir Overseas Cargo agency phone number 0232 4251202-05.

We send your cargo by airmail to Isfahan, Kerman, Kish Island, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Tehran, Abadan, Zabol, Ardabil, Sabzevar, Ahvaz, Yazd, Bandar, Lengeh and all other cities of Iran. After reaching Iran, the delivery to Egypt reaches the address in the fastest way through our couriers. Fast Express; We are proud to offer the best services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service and quality service in the transportation and distribution of Egypt to Iran with Overseas Cargo.

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