International Cargo Cologne Shipment
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International Cargo Cologne Shipment

Although cologne was produced for medicinal purposes when it was first produced, it is always used today due to its refreshing and pleasant scent. Especially in recent years, its use has become quite common with the emergence of the covid-19 virus. Ethyl alcohol, water, lemon, flower, tobacco essences are brought together and it is like a kind of perfume consisting of a mixture of substances. Also known as the most widely used toilet material of all time, cologne was first produced in Cologne in 1709 by the Italian Giovanni Paolo Feminis.

The import and export of cologne, which is in the category of personal care and hygienic products, increased a lot. Cologne, which is frequently preferred for hygiene and cleaning, which becomes more important with the proliferation of diseases such as viruses, has a strong content for cleaning viruses and bacteria. Cologne varieties are sometimes preferred instead of perfumes with their refreshing effect and different scent options. It is produced in many different essences such as cologne, rose, lavender, jasmine, tangerine, grapefruit, green tea, olive and saffron flower. Our company carries your Fast Express colognes safely in cologne shipments, which is an important trade volume in the world.

Calculating International Cargo Prices

International shipping prices in cologne shipments vary according to the market conditions. At the same time, after receiving information from your company such as the address where the cologne products will go, the volume value of the product, and when it will be sent, our company Fast Express serves our valued customers at the best prices. No matter where you send it to the world, our company is calculating the overseas cargo cologne shipments. Pricing is made by considering the volume occupied by the package or the weight of the package, whichever is higher.

While calculating the volume, the width x height x height dimensions are multiplied in cm and divided by the volume calculation figure, which is 5000. For the relevant parcel or package, its own kilogram weight is also weighed, whichever is greater, taking this weight into account, pricing is made over the relevant figure. When calculating the international cargo prices, the weight of the package to be sent and the volume weight according to the volume it covers, whichever is greater, is priced over this weight, and the payment is made based on the weight and the number corresponding to the country by looking at which country the destination country is in. The economical size of the package will make the package price come out with less freight.

In Cologne shipments, you can start the checkout process of your shipments by making payments with cash, money order, eft, fast etc. payment methods. If you wish, your buyer can pay the shipping and product fee to the other party.

Can I Send Cologne as a Gift?

In cologne shipments, we send them individually or in bulk as you wish. The colognes you will send as gifts are sent by our company in a safe, undamaged and problem-free manner.

Is Special Permission Required for Sending Cologne?

Since cologne is a flammable and caustic substance, there are sometimes restrictions on shipments. If it requires special permission under the current conditions, the manufacturer should provide them and submit them to the sending company. While our company passes the cologne products through the customs, we pass through the customs with these documents and deliver them to the address of your buyer by couriers. Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we offer the best services to our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service and quality service in international document, package transportation and distribution.

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