Worldwide Air Express Cargo Company

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FAST EXPRESS is a worldwide air Express cargo company. FAST EXPRESS can delivery a day from Turkey to Europe. We have lots of free flight in different regions of Europe.

Western Europe:

Paris air cargo, Bordeaux global air cargo, Mottpellier express cargo, Marseille air cargo, Lyon international cargo, Toulouse global air cargo, Nice cargo, Nantes international cargo, Rennes air cargo, Dijon global air cargo, Borges express cargo, Reims cargo, Caen international cargo, Strasbourg global air cargo, Metz cargo, Limoges  (France) express cargo, Dortmund international cargo, Dusseldorf air cargo, Koln cargo, Frankfurt-am-Mein express cargo, Stuttgart global air cargo, Nurnberg international cargo, Munchen international cargo, Berlin cargo, Leipzig express cargo. Dresden air cargo, Hannover global air cargo, Bremen express cargo, Bremerhaven cargo, Hamburg international cargo, Bielefeld (Germany) global air cargo, Zurich cargo, Geneve express cargo, Bern (Switzerland) air cargo, Innsbruck international cargo, Klagenfurt express cargo, Graz global air cargo, Salzburg (Austria) international cargo, Milano express cargo, Roma cargo, Torino global air cargo, Venezia air cargo, Firenze cargo, Bologna express cargo, Ancona global air cargo, Napoli international cargo, Bari express cargo, Trieste cargo, Cosenza (Italy) international cargo, Sevilla air cargo, Madrid cargo, Malaga express cargo, Valencia global air cargo, Murcia express cargo, Bilbo, Barcelona (Spain) cargo, Lisboa, Porto (Portugal) interntaional cargo;


Antwerpen air cargo, Bruxelles international cargo, Gent express cargo, Liege (Belgium) cargo, Rotterdam international cargo, Amsterdam global air cargo, Den Haag cargo, Utrecht express cargo, Eindhoven (Netherlands)international cargo

UK and Ireland:

London air cargo, Cardiff express cargo, Glasgow international cargo, Plymouth global air cargo, Liverpool express cargo, Manchester air cargo, Southampton cargo, Cambridge (UK) international cargo, Dublin express cargo, Cork (Ireland) air cargo;

Central Europe:

Zagreb (Croatia) international cargo, Praha express cargo, Brno (Czechia) air cargo, Budapest (Hungary) cargo, Bratislava express cargo, Kosice (Slovakia) global air cargo, Ljubljana (Slovenia) cargo,Warszava express cargo, Wroclaw international cargo, Krakow global air cargo, Gdansk express cargo, Bialystok cargo, Szczeczin air cargo, Lodz international cargo, Katowice (Poland) cargo;

Scandinavia and Baltic States:

Riga (Latvia)express cargo, Vilnius air cargo, Klaipeda (Lithuania) international cargo, Tallinn (Estonia) express cargo, Helsinki global air cargo, Kotka (Finland) international cargo, Stockholm express cargo, Malme (Sweden) cargo, Kobehavn air cargo, Esbjerg express cargo, Aalborg (Denmark) cargo;

Southern Europe and Turkey:

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzogovina) air cargo, Timisora international cargo, Cluz express cargo, Bucuresti (Romania) global air cargo, Sofia cargo , Plovdiv express cargo, Varna international cargo, Burgas (Bulgaria) cargo, Skopje (Northern Macedonia) air cargo, Athens international cargo, Patra express cargo, Saloniki (Greece) global air cargo, Beograd cargo, Nish (Serbia) express cargo, Tirana (Albania) internationaş cargo ,Izmir global air cargo, Ankara cargo, Istanbul air cargo, Antalya (Turkey) express cargo,;

Our main directions: from European countries - to European countries, Russia, CIS countries and Asian countries;Our preference - full loads, however sometimes we can take grouppage loads as well.


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