Overseas Cargo Transportation for Small Businesses

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Overseas Cargo Transportation for Small Businesses

Small businesses are those that have less than 50 employees and do not exceed 8 million net annual sales. Small businesses form the backbone of emerging countries such as Turkey, located in almost every sector. Its contribution to unemployment and production is significantly greater. Small businesses that have an important share in the production sector have a significant share in import and export abroad. Although they are small, they work with foreign cargo companies to transport their products abroad.

cargo from Turkey to abroad service providers and cargo companies transport business increased consumption due to the emergence of a pandemic has increased significantly in recent years. The international cargo business is a very firm in Turkey.


International Transport Service for Small Manufacturer Companies

There are many manufacturers in Turkey. One of these companies is Fast Express. Our company works with a customer-oriented approach that combines and manages all aspects of relations with the customer in a balanced service cost mix with customer service management. Our customer service level is closely related to most activities in other logistics areas. It is very important for our company to receive the product from the sender and deliver it to the recipient.

Shipping Price for Small Businesses

cargo submissions of our company is providing cargo services for small business customers in Turkey has developed a system to prevent the disruption. Our company is one of the rare companies with advanced systems from Fast express Turkey's accession. Our company calculates and sends the shipments of the manufacturer companies with the most affordable costs. Cargo shipments of the manufacturer company are calculated according to the desi value of each cargo package, the number of products and the destination country, and the most affordable prices are determined.

As fast express, we ship to more than 200 countries in the world. With the "Micro Export" (exit with ETGB) service, which is used extensively by our portfolio, it performs the transactions of the shipments under 150kg and the value of the goods under 7500 €, with the authority of indirect representation, without getting the Customs Consultancy Fee, bill of lading and storage fee. We usually send your international cargo by airline within the scope of IATA rules.


Overseas Cargo Tracking

For each package to be sent abroad, our company provides its customers with a cargo tracking number and tracks where their cargo is located and what process it is in. Our company sends the cargo in the background without any problems, as fast as possible and at economical prices. Our company, which closely follows the whole process, takes all the control after receiving the shipments and initiating the necessary procedures until they reach their destination.

Fast Express, always considering customer satisfaction first, continues to offer new products, services and strategies in order to meet the demands and needs of all its customers without any customer distinction.


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