Tabriz International Cargo

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Tabriz International Cargo

Tabriz International Cargo

Iran is two large Islamic countries with a land border of 560 km with Turkey. It has a population of around 80 million people. Tabriz is one of the most crowded cities of Iran, whose cities are just as crowded. Tabriz has a population of nearly 2 million. The city of Tabriz, which has been captured by many states throughout history and is the land of Iran, makes a great contribution to the Iranian government in terms of economy.

Iran's city of Tabriz has an economy with automotive, petrochemicals, cement, petroleum products, textiles, electrical appliances and souvenirs. The city of Tabriz, which is trying to stand up against the US embargoes, not only buys a lot of commercial products from abroad and our country, but also sells them. There are many Turkish-speaking and Turkish-speaking people in the city. The city of Tabriz, which has relatives in Turkey, sends a lot of cargo from every city of our country.

Tabriz International Cargo

Tabriz Package Transportation

Our company, which carries out package transportation from our country and Iran to Turkey, carries the products of manufacturers and sellers in both countries. We transport thousands of products from every sector such as all kinds of technological, petroleum products, textile products, plastics, metals, stationery products between both countries in a fast, economical and reliable way. In addition, envelopes, documents, documents, confidential documents and all your private belongings can be carried.

Tabriz Online Cargo

Anyone who wants to send cargo online to the city of Tabriz, Iran, can create an online cargo shipment from the home page of our website Our company, which delivers affordable online cargo, picks up your cargo from your door and sends it to the city of Tabriz, Iran.

Tabriz International Cargo

In How Many Days Does Tabriz Cargo Go?

Your cargo can be sent to Tabriz city of Iran in 1-2 days on average. Your cargo sent by road may take a long time as it is normal cargo delivery. While road transport is used to transport larger cargoes, we prefer the road for our customers who do not have a time priority.

We use the airline for fast cargo shipments. This is the biggest reason why we prefer air cargo. Shipments of our individual and corporate customers who want to send a fast and secure cargo are sent by plane.

Tabriz International Cargo

How Much Is Iran Tabriz Cargo Shipping Fee?

Although cargo shipments to the Iranian city of Tabriz have increased in recent years due to crises, embargoes and virus threats, we, as a company, keep the prices at reasonable levels. Our company, which offers the best prices for your individual shipments and company shipments, also offers the cheapest prices for the city of Tabriz. Your shipments to Tabriz are calculated according to the desi value and offer you the most affordable prices in the market.

Fast express provides professional services to its customers in the parcel transportation and distribution of Iran-Tabriz cargo, with the principle of excellent service and quality service understanding.

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