Switzerland Pharmaceutical Cargo Shipment
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İsviçre İlaç Kargo Gönderimi

Switzerland Pharmaceutical Cargo Shipment

Switzerland lies at the crossroads of western, central and southern Europe. Economic prosperity is high. Switzerland is a highly developed country in the pharmaceutical industry. 11% of gross domestic expenditures in Switzerland go to health expenditures. There are large pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. Pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis and hoffmann-La roche are among them.

including Switzerland and the United States, as Turkey is to make drug purchases and shipment of the many countries in the world. Pharmaceutical companies in our country and many companies in our country purchase drugs from abroad by cargo. In addition, they personally purchase and send cargo drugs from abroad and abroad.

İsviçre İlaç Kargo Gönderimi

How Can I Send Medicine Abroad?

There are some procedures for sending medicines abroad and abroad. There are strict controls in the purchase and shipment of medicines. As a result of these strict inspections, companies that produce drugs and those who personally purchase and dispatch drugs must have all necessary information regarding the drug's health report, drug package insert, drug prescription, social health information and why the drug will be used.

However, in some cases, even if you collect the required reports and documents completely, they can be sent back from the customs.

What Medicines Can I Send Abroad?

We send all medicines to be sent abroad and abroad, such as painkillers, creams, capsule medicines, vitamin medicines, cancer medicines, medicines used in the treatment of important diseases, stomach medicines, as fast-express. Fast Express offers the best international cargo services for your medicines that you will ship and purchase individually or as a company.

İsviçre İlaç Kargo Gönderimi

International Shipping Prices

Fast Express carries the most affordable prices for all your medicines that you will send to or buy from Switzerland. Due to the increasing prices in recent years, it affects the international cargo sector as well as every other sector. However, our company offers the most affordable prices to companies and individuals in the international cargo and pharmaceutical transportation business.

Fast Express collects payments by credit card, EFT, money order or cash for international drug transportation. You can make your payments with the payment tool you want. You can also collect your drug cargo shipments with the counter payment option. When there is a counterpayment, our company collects the overseas shipping cost and the product price from the buyer and delivers it to you.

İsviçre İlaç Kargo Gönderimi

In drug delivery, we transport your cargo by air and road at the most affordable prices. Fast Express; We provide professional services to you, our valued individuals and company customers, with our excellent service quality and understanding in domestic transportation and distribution with Overseas Cargo to and from Switzerland.

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