Perishable cargo transportation
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Perishable cargo transportation

Some cargoes require temperature control. There is a need for perishable cargo transportation service in order to have the materials to be transported at certain temperatures and to transport them in cold or hot temperatures. Such cargoes that require heat protection should be transported in accordance with IATA rules and regulations. Fast Express Cargo comes into play at this stage. In accordance with the special transportation standards, you can transport cargo safely to the country you want.

Temperature control is provided at all stages (hot or cold) from the delivery of your perishable cargo products from a city of your country to a different country of the world, from the delivery, loading, storage, shipment to delivery at the destination.

What Are Perishable Cargo

All shipments that need to be protected from seasonal conditions, climatic conditions of the environment, heat, cold, humidity, environmental factors or at a certain time are called perishable cargo. If the heat conditions of such cargoes are not maintained to the required standards, they may decompose, deteriorate and become inoperable. Frozen products, food and foodstuffs, plants, flowers and plant varieties, milk and dairy products, pharmaceutical products, frozen medicines, medical supplies and vaccines, live organ / fresh blood samples for hospitals and transport, fresh vegetables and fruit species, fresh and frozen meat and meat products, eggs, fish varieties ... This kind of shipments, the desired temperature is not maintained or if the desired ambient temperature outside the standards decay or deteriorate loses market value. It also loses its usage feature.

How to send perishable cargo

In cases where it is necessary to provide certain heat while transporting the cargo, the cargo must be loaded and delivered in a healthy way. Your perishable cargo shipments should be carried in special boxes and packages in order to be kept at the desired temperature from the time of delivery. The necessary labels and information are applied on it and it is delivered under special conditions to the country where you want it to be sent from your location. VIP cargo that enters the special cargo service.

Perishable cargo transportation prices

The calculation of your normal cargos from the country of delivery to the country to be sent is available on our website. However, as perishable cargo requires vip / special transportation conditions and standards, it requires special pricing. You can reach us through the contact section of our website and our phone numbers, you can get in touch with our customer representatives and get detailed information about the subject. The perishable cargo transportation fee varies according to the temperature, temperature protection period, transportation conditions, size, shape and weight of the shipment you want to send. Fast Express Cargo offers you the most affordable service as well as transporting your perishable cargo in the safest way.

Overseas Perishable Cargo Transportation

All of your official or personal international perishable cargo shipments are made with Fast Express Shipping in the fastest, most reliable and most affordable way. If you want to send bulk cargo abroad, you can contact with your company and get a special discount with the agreement provided as a result of the interview. In order to make an agreement, you can contact with our information in the contact section of our website. Fast Express Shipping is the most convenient and safest shipment in terms of cost, shipping option and alternative in your perishable cargo shipments abroad. Abroad cargo shipments are carefully prepared, packaged, stored and stored safely by Fast Express cargo. Delivered in the most secure way. Since airway is generally preferred, air transportation is provided.


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