US Shipping

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US Shipping

US Shipping

Today, around 320 million people from different ethnic origins live in the country, which has the strongest economy in the world and controls and directs the world markets. The USA, one of the most popular countries in the world, has become the strongest since it was founded in 1776. The increasing trade volume between Turkey and the USA in recent years has also led to growth in the cargo sector.

There is a trade volume of billions of dollars between the USA and Turkey every year. With the increasing trade volume, the tool and software industry has also become highly developed. For this reason, thousands of products, goods, documents and special goods are shipped daily between Turkey and the USA. Thousands of millions of products are exported and imported from every sector. We see that commercial and individual shipments have increased despite the crises.

US Shipping

US Shipping Shipping Fees

Cargo transfer from Turkey to the USA continues to increase despite the current crisis, epidemic disease and increasing prices. As Fast express, we offer the best quality and cheapest cargo service to our valued customers, despite all conditions. Regardless of the size and weight of your cargo to the USA, we send it. We give you prices below the market according to the volume value of your cargo. You can follow the instructions below to take advantage of our special prices.

To send your cargo from the USA to Turkey at the most affordable prices, you can enter our campaign page and send it by creating an "online international shipment". In addition, you can reach us and send your cargo by contacting us on our Contact pageon our website or by filling out the Contact form. We pick up your cargo at your door and send it to the address you want in the USA at economical prices.

US Shipping

Commercial Cargo Shipping to America

We also send commercial shipments to America by companies. We send millions of products from hundreds of industries at the most affordable prices. We send products from every sector such as plastic, textile, food, technology, metal, stationery, spare parts. It is sent by air for your commercial shipments to the USA. Sea and air routes are generally used to the USA, which is overseas. We prefer air cargo because it is fast and reliable.

US Shipping

Sending Gifts to America

We also send gifts and souvenirs for shipping to the USA. We send all kinds of gift products, whether light or heavy, to the USA with great care by cargo. When your cargo sent by plane reaches America, we make special deliveries to all states and cities of the USA via our special couriers.

Fast express, which provides international cargo service to the USA, sends your cargo with tracking. Our company, which provides professional services to our customers in shipping cargo, we send cargo according to international IATA rules.

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In international cargo shipments, it is an important criterion that the cargo you send arrives on time, it is transported safely and at the same time, the shipping operations are carried out in easy conditions. Fast Express Cargo provides you with this convenience and eliminates the trust problem by minimizing the time phase. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
All your shipments are carefully prepared by Fast Express cargo, protected and packed in our warehouses. It is passed through the paperwork process as quickly as possible. It is delivered to the recipient in the safest way. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
You want to export abroad, but if you do not want to make an agreement with the Customs Officer and have a declaration filed, you can provide shipping within the scope of ETGB / Micro Export almost without any hassle. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Items that will break in shipments abroad are a situation that individuals approach uneasily. As Fast Express, the materials we use in the packaging of the goods ensure that your products are delivered without any damage. There is no extra charge from you for these shipments. Our company provides the packaging of the products for you free of charge. On this basis, as Fast Express company, we provide cheap and reliable transportation for your goods that will be broken abroad. Check out our campaign prices
For products that are requested to be collected from the United States of America, the transfer time to Turkey is 2 working days for express transportation after leaving Germany. On the other hand, it is 5 working days for transfers with declaration by road. For the materials to be brought, they can enter the Turkish customs and be delivered to the address after customs clearance. In accordance with the decision made by the customs authority for the materials considered as samples, the material is subjected to customs process or released and delivered to the buyer. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,