Irana Commercial International Cargo

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Irana Commercial International Cargo

Irana Commercial International Cargo

Turkey and Iran are two countries with a large land border with Iran. The trade volume, which was around 9 billion dollars as of 2018, continues to increase today. Companies from thousands of sectors from both countries commercially supply their products to the market through import and export routes.

With the Turkey-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement, a total of 265 products have been mutually reduced in customs duties. These products are iron and steel products, petrochemical products, raw materials, chemicals, automotive sub-industry (parts and parts), foodstuffs (wheat, rice, corn, barley, red and white meat, fresh fruits and vegetables), industrial products (electrical devices). , machinery, production facilities), construction machinery (excavator, loader, grader, dozer), pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials and medical products, furniture and forest products. (28 January 2020) As of this date, taxes on these products have been reduced. Companies that will send cargo to Tehran can now send low tax products to Tehran at less prices.

Irana Commercial International Cargo

Iran Commercial Cargo Tracking

All companies' cargoes to Iran are sent with a tracking system. With the cargo tracking number we have given to your company, you can easily track your materials, documents, personal belongings, in short, all the products you have packaged with a number. You can query the cargo tracking number by typing it into the shipment inquiry box on our website. You can follow up on our website with your mobile or computer.

Iran Cargo Prices

One of the most important points of cargo transfers to Iran for companies is the price. Companies in Turkey and Iran generally prefer the companies that deliver the most affordable cargo. Fast Express delivers all commercial cargo to all cities of Iran and to all airports by planes.

Our company, which follows a special price policy for companies, calculates the desi value of your product and gives you a price. Our company, which acts within the framework of this price, determines the final price according to the fast or normal shipping option of your cargo. Our company, which offers the best prices in the market to all companies, generally prefers the airline.

Irana Commercial International Cargo

Iran Envelope Shipping

Our company, which offers the cheapest prices for all cargo transfers to Iran, also sends documents, documents, envelopes, letters and all confidential documents to Iran. We send all kinds of documents such as company documents, agreements, etc. to government institutions, companies or individuals in Iran.

Iran Fast Shipping

If you want to send a fast cargo from Turkey to Iran or from our country to Iran, we help you by contacting our company. Our company, which provides a practical and fast cargo delivery service, sends all kinds of cargo packages with air cargo. Our company, which sends it to all airports in Iran, takes your cargo from the airport through our fast couriers and delivers it to the addresses you specify.

Irana Commercial International Cargo

Fast express cargo transportation to Iran, Tehran and Isfahan, which is the capital city of Iran, Kerman, Kish Island, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Abadan, Zabol, Ardabil, Sabzevar, Ahvaz, Yazd, Bandar, Lengeh, Bojnord, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr , Bam, Shahr E Kord, Gorgan, Gheshm, Hamadan, Iran Shahr, Ilam, Khorremabad, Khoy, Kermanshah, Lamerd, Lar, Bandar-e, Mahshahr, Nowshahr, Urmia, Rasht, Ramsar, Senendec, Sari, Sirjan, Tabas, We deliver cargo to Birjand, Yasuj, Zahedan, Shah, Bahar, Asaluye, Persian Gulf International airport, Dezful, Jiroft, Rafsanjan, Arak, Gachsaran, Zanjan, Shahrud.

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While your overseas cargo is sent with a counter payment, the payment must be confirmed by your recipient. The relevant payment confirmations are provided through the links made by the courier company based on the information reported by the sender. Shipments without payment confirmation are returned to the sender. The relevant costs are collected from the sender at the time of return. For overseas counter-paid shipments, the freight fee is collected from the buyer, and it can also be requested from the buyer for taxes that may occur in the customs of the relevant country. If the relevant tax payments are requested by the sender, they can be converted and processed to be paid from Turkey, and the extra fees incurred in this regard are invoiced to the sender and collected. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,