Iran Turkey Shipping Fee

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Iran Turkey Shipping Fee

Iran Turkey Shipping Fee

Turkey and Iran are two big countries that share the same borders throughout history. The land border of the two countries is 560 km. With the increase in trade volume, the economies of Turkey and Iran are developing. The trade atmosphere between the two countries, which need each other economically, is positive. The number of companies that import and export from Turkey to Iran and from Iran to Turkey is increasing day by day. Companies and individuals who trade individually send their products, materials and personal belongings via cargo.

Cargo is sent to Iran by land and air. Cargo companies between Iran and Turkey carry products, documents and personal belongings of people and companies every day. Although we have a land border with Iran, we use the air route more.

Iran Turkey Shipping Fee

Iran Air Cargo

Due to the wars, crises and epidemics in the Middle East, sending cargo to Iran by air is one of the fastest and safest ways. Your cargoes are loaded into air cargo and sent to the addresses you want in Iran by airway, which we often prefer. According to the cargo package you will send, your cargo arriving at the nearest airport to the address you specify is unloaded from the aircraft. Your cargo can be picked up from the airport or delivered to the addresses you specify via our special couriers.

Our special couriers pick up your cargo from the airport closest to your address and deliver it to the address you specify. We make deliveries with our couriers to every specified address, including the addresses you specify, government institutions, hospitals, businesses, schools, and individual addresses. Our couriers carefully transport your cargo packages, documents and personal belongings.

Iran Turkey Shipping Fee

Iran Cargo Prices

One of the most important issues in sending cargo to Iran is the price issue. You can get more detailed information about cargo sending to Iran by calling 0215 414 4410 or 0232 425 1205 by fast express or by contacting us via When you contact us about sending your cargo to Iran, we offer you the best prices. Regardless of the size and weight of your cargo, we calculate the desi value of your cargo and offer the best prices to your company and yourself. Despite the crises, epidemics and embargoes experienced in recent years, our company offers the most affordable prices in the market.

Iran Turkey Shipping Fee

Sending Documents to Iran

Today, with the developing tools and software technology, it has become very easy to deliver all kinds of cargo to Iran and abroad to any address. In particular, we send all kinds of documents, files, envelopes and documents to Iran. Our company, which provides all kinds of cargo services in sending documents, delivers your cargo to any address in Iran very quickly and safely with our couriers.

In cargo shipments to Iran, you must first check the Iran embargo rules and then look at the Iranian customs laws. All products, goods, packages and documents sent according to Iranian customs laws and regulations are inspected by customs. Fast express provides professional services to its customers in shipping and distribution of Iran-Iran cargo.

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