International cargo file transfer

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International cargo file transfer

It is possible to transport documents and files from the country you are in to all the other countries of the world or from other countries of the world to the country you are in, for large businesses, SMEs and individual purposes (for example, if you are a student). Fast Express Shipping; has the capacity to carry all your shipments at the safest and most affordable prices. All your international cargo file transfer shipments are transported quickly. With international cargo file handling, it is important that the cargo you send reaches quickly, it is transported safely and at the same time, the shipping operations are carried out in a practical way. Fast Express Cargo provides these transactions with easy methods without tiring you in this process, and removes your stress about time and trust.

What is sent with international cargo file transfer?

Files that you can easily send with international cargo; documents, invoices, quotations, contracts, mutual correspondence, forms, application documents, printed products, company and office documents, school documents, visa documents, document documents, price list, registration document, proforma invoices, printed paper products, atr circulation document , passport, student documents, diplomas and temporary diplomas, flyers, catalogs and brochures…

Overseas cargo file transfer service

From the moment your documents, documents or documents that you want to send from your own country to all other countries of the world or from other countries of the world to your country of residence, reach our sending center, all necessary steps are carried out by us. All file sending operations are completed in this way. Usually, the same day goes to the international shipping stage and is delivered the next day, depending on the situation of the country and region to which the shipment is to be delivered. Fast Express Cargo contributes to the development and growth of the international cargo sector day by day with its quality target and customer satisfaction principle.

For your import and export businesses, for companies abroad and corporate companies that are affiliated with, for students studying at universities in foreign schools, mutual document document sending is carried with Fast Express in an easy, reliable and fastest way with low costs.

Overseas cargo file handling Fee

With the calculation software system on our website, you can determine from which country your shipment will be sent to which country, enter the information of the file you will send, and instantly get information about the international cargo file transportation fee online. With the information you enter, prices can be calculated automatically on a country basis with special software. Entering the actual weight and information of the document/document/document you want to send abroad will give you more reliable information about the price. You can easily send files abroad by completing the procedures by going to the next steps on our website. At the same time, you can reach us from our contact numbers and get detailed information about the prices of international cargo file transfer services from our customer consultants.

How many days does it take to transfer files to international cargo?

File sending is advantageous compared to normal standard shipments in terms of delivery time. Generally, the files you want to be sent (in easy-to-reach regions abroad) are delivered to the country you want within a few days. Since there are no processes such as documents, invoices, proforma invoices or customs procedures in the documents or documents to be shipped abroad, they are delivered to the recipient you want more quickly. That's why international cargo file transfer steps are easily handled, so it is delivered in the fastest way.

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It is sufficient to know the Volume/Desi information of the shipment you want to ship abroad. Multiply the width, length and height of your international cargo package for which you want to calculate the volume. When you divide the result from this multiplication process by five thousand (5000), the result will give you the result of the volume/desi calculation. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The products, export goods, documents, files and documents that you can send abroad by air cargo are delivered to the air cargo, and they can be transported from the country you want to the country you want in a few days by air. With Fast Express Cargo, all stages are handled easily and safely delivered to the buyer you want. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
With our contracted agencies, we can pick up your shipments from your address and send them to any address in the receiving country. It is sufficient to deliver the documents we have sent to you to the courier. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Pricing is different for country groups starting from Region 1 and going up to Region 7. When your shipment is made, we can make pricing by looking at the country group together with its size and weight. For more detailed information, see our campaign prices
Since the pricing for international cargoes is determined from abroad on the basis of foreign currency, increases in exchange rates and changes in international oil prices cause cargo prices to increase. We recommend you to review our Campaign prices for pricing