Iran Cargo

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Iran Cargo

Iran Cargo

There are significant bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey, which has a history of thousands of years. Due to the embargoes made with the USA and the countries under its leadership in Iran, imports and exports to this country continue to be problematic. It directly affects our country and all Iranian neighbors. Iran has been in a central position in Eurasia throughout its history.

It has been one of Turkey's most important commercial partners for the last 40 years. Imports and exports are increasing very intensely due to the increasing commercial relations from the past to the present. In the billions of lira trade between Turkey and Iran, each sector gets its own share. One of the most important points in commercial matters is the transportation of products. The vehicles used to transport the products and the road to be chosen are very important.

Iran Air Cargo

Due to the increasing virus epidemics, crises and wars in recent years, cargo shipping must be fast and safe. As Fast express, we send all kinds of cargo by air cargo to Iran and all countries of the world. We send thousands of products and materials from every sector to many cities in Iran such as Tabriz, Meshed, Ishafan, Amul, Sari, Gurgan, Shahrud, Kashan, Erak, Kum, Kermanshah, Ardebil, Rasht, Zanjan, Shiraz, Hamedan and Ahwaz.

Our company, which sends cargo to thousands of addresses in all cities of Iran, prefers to send your cargo from Turkey to Iran and from Iran to Turkey by using the airway with tracking. With cargo tracking, you can easily track all kinds of cargo on our website. With cargo tracking, you can track every movement of your cargo. In addition, all kinds of documents, envelopes, documents, etc., are sent to and from Iran with great urgency.

Iran Cargo

Iran Mask and Medicine Delivery

Our company, which sends cargo due to Covid 19, is sending all kinds of cargo of individuals and companies with the lifting of the bans. Information such as doctor's report, drug prospectus, and social health information should be included in drug delivery. Because drug delivery is a bit of a problem. Not every company can deliver. The Iranian customs are questioning why the drugs have arrived and are asking for the necessary documents.

Iran Cargo

Cheapest Iran Cargo

Although we are border neighbors with Iran, sending cargo seems easy, but it is one of the difficult processes. Due to the embargo, not every product and every item can be sent. Points to be considered here are considered as fast express. As a company, it sends international cargo from Iran and Iran at the most affordable prices.

Our company, which delivers cargo at economical prices, calculates the desi value of your cargo and offers you the most suitable prices for your cargo. Our company Fast Express Iran Cargo , which offers the most affordable prices in the market, offers fast, safe and professional services to our esteemed customers with its excellent service principle and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution.

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