Expedition Germany Turkey Shipment Service

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Almanya Türkiye Kargo 2021

Germany Turkey Shipping Shipment Service

The federal republic of Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe. It has economic, political and commercial relations with many countries in the world. With its great and deep-rooted history, it became the center of reform in the 16th century. economic relations between Turkey and Germany, started in 1924, lasted until 1944. Until now, still ongoing commercial and economic relations between Germany and Turkey as a result of imports and exports reached significant levels.

In order to keep pace with the rapidly growing trade with Germany, it has become compulsory for all parties related to e-commerce, especially the logistics industry and retail companies, to make technology investments. With the advancing technology, ways to make customers more satisfied and secure methods such as blockchain have also been brought to the agenda. Our fast express international transportation company carries all kinds of cargo as it makes its investments in a very wide scope in order to reach this speed.

Almanya Türkiye Kargo 2021

Germany Turkey Shipping Prices

Cargo from Turkey to Germany's cities are sending the most affordable price in a safe manner. Our company, which provides quality service in international cargo service in our country, serves its customers with innovative, cutting-edge technology tools and software. Our company, which provides economic prices, calculates your cargo packages in according to the volume value of desi. Apart from the Desi volume value, our prices also vary according to the address of your cargo.

When calculating Turkey-Germany cargo shipments, pricing is made by considering the higher one, the higher the volume or the weight information. When calculating the volume, the width, height and height are multiplied by each other in cm and divided by the volume calculation figure of 5000. The resulting figure gives the kg equivalent to which the relevant package will be priced in terms of volume.For the same package, its own kg weight is also weighed, whichever is greater, pricing is made on the relevant weight. We offer you much more affordable prices for your bulk shipments.Almanya Türkiye Kargo 2021

Fast express any cargo anywhere in Germany from Turkey are making the transfer very quickly in the same day. As the fastest company in the sector, we carry all kinds of your cargo, with or without charge. As an international cargo company that delivers in accordance with IATA rules, you can receive your cargo either from the airport or to the address. As a company, our company offers you a professional service for your cargoes that you will send to all cities of Germany. You can benefit from our new products and services without discrimination.

What Can You Send to Germany

Food, textile, spare parts, plastic, metal industry, stationery products, documents, invoices, quotes, contracts, mutual correspondence, forms, application documents, printed products, company and office documents, school papers, visa We carry everything that you can think of legally such as documents, document documents, price list, registration certificate, proforma invoices, printed paper products, atr circulation certificate, passport, student documents, diploma and temporary diploma, flyer, catalog, brochure, souvenirs. 

Almanya Türkiye Kargo 2021

Which Cities of Germany Do We Send Cargo?

Of Germany; Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden, Hannover, Nuremberg, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Beilefeld, Bonn, Münster, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Augsburg, Weisbaden, Gelsenkirchen, Mönchengladbach, Braunschweig, Chemnitz, Kiel, Aachen, Halle, Magdeburg, Freiburg, Krefeld, Lübeck, Oberhausen, Erfurt, Mainz, Rostock, Kassel, Hagen, Hamm, Saarbrücken, Mülheim, Postdam, Ludwigshafen, Oldenburg, Leverkusen, Osnabrück and Solingen city We deliver safe, undamaged and timely deliveries to and from the states.

As Fast Express, we carry your cargo in the specified periods by adhering to the transportation contract. Our professional team is always at your side, working hard to keep your cargo undamaged and the cargo content confidential. Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we offer professional services to our esteemed customers in, with the principle of excellent service and quality service in document, package transportation and distribution to Germany.

Almanya Türkiye Kargo 2021

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