Dortmund International Cargo

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Dortmund International Cargo

Dortmund International Cargo

Fast express We send all your cargo such as packages, documents, documents, special items, souvenirs to Dortmund, located in the west of Germany. We offer professional services to our individual customers and corporate companies for all kinds of cargo shipments to Dortmund. As an international cargo company, we provide all kinds of cargo transportation services between Turkey and Dortmund.

Dortmund, one of the largest cities in Europe and Germany, is known all over the world for its football team. At the same time, the city where the development of technology is closely followed is a metropolitan city. Dortmund's most important source of income is one of the iron and steel industrial zones. Located in the west of Germany, 20-25% of the city consists of Turks.

Dortmund International Cargo

Dortmund Cargo Prices

Fast express, which offers economical prices to its customers, offers a wide range of cargo services. In the international arena, we send the most affordable cargo to European countries and cities in these countries. We offer the best prices for the cargo shipments of companies and corporate companies that want to send cargo individually.

With the cargo service you receive from Fast Express, we offer all kinds of opportunities in the international arena. We offer professional services to our customers in the most convenient terms regarding the cargo services we offer in the international arena. Our company, which offers the most affordable prices without tiring your budget, offers the best and the most cargo services that can be provided with less budget.

Dortmund International Cargo

Dortmund International Cargo Tracking

All kinds of shipments of individuals and companies that want to send cargo from Turkey to Dortmund and from Dortmund to Turkey are sent with tracking. We send millions of products from every sector from the textile sector to the technology sector, from the food sector to the plastics sector. In addition, you can track all kinds of documents, documents, souvenirs and all your personal belongings with your cargo tracking number. You can track all movements such as where and when my cargo will arrive, and to whom it was delivered, on our website with your cargo tracking number.

Whatever the weight and size of your cargo, we ship in Dortmund. You can also send your cargo with counter payment. In counter payment, our special couriers deliver the cargo after collecting the collection from the buyer.

Dortmund International Cargo

How Many Kilos of Products Can I Ship to Dortmund?

Your sample cargoes from Turkey to Dortmund can be sent up to 300 kg as determined by the customs. In addition, we carry products over 70 kg, on the condition that they are on a pallet at the cargo shipments with declarations. We transport your light and heavy cargo to all cities of Germany, especially Fast express Dortmund, in accordance with IATA rules.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Dortmund

The cheapest way to send cargo to Dortmund is to use fast express. Our company shares the easiest ways to send cargo to you by following the world. As a company, we do not look at our customers as money-oriented. We offer our services to you by choosing the easiest ways with fast, reliable and economical budgets for the solution of your business. With Fast express Dortmund cargo, we provide professional service to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution.

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For your urgent cargo, we can deliver your shipment to your recipient in less than 12 hours with our services as 09:00 – 10:00 – 12:00 Express. Check out our campaign prices
While your overseas cargo is sent with a counter payment, the payment must be confirmed by your recipient. The relevant payment confirmations are provided through the links made by the courier company based on the information reported by the sender. Shipments without payment confirmation are returned to the sender. The relevant costs are collected from the sender at the time of return. For overseas counter-paid shipments, the freight fee is collected from the buyer, and it can also be requested from the buyer for taxes that may occur in the customs of the relevant country. If the relevant tax payments are requested by the sender, they can be converted and processed to be paid from Turkey, and the extra fees incurred in this regard are invoiced to the sender and collected. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
After you pay your shipping fee, you can leave it to the branches we have contracted with, together with the documents we will send you. We forward your address and contact information to you. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Your international cargo can go abroad no matter which city you are in. The shipment information to be sent out should be sent to the relevant cargo company and information should be obtained about how many days and under what conditions the cargo can be delivered in the light of the information. In order to ensure that the cargo is delivered in the cheapest way, information should be obtained from the cargo company to its nearby agency about how much the freight discount can be if the package is left by the sender. As it is not possible to create a discount for every region and delivery, it is necessary to create a request for a discounted price. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
In order for you to send your cargo going abroad from your city in the cheapest way, your cargo company should be asked whether the destination region is an affordable region. The cargo package to be sent should be sturdy but economical in order to avoid overcharges. Information should be obtained from the cargo company about whether the price is suitable for delivery to the closest contracted agency to your location. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,