Cargo Shipping to Iran

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Cargo Shipping to Iran

Cargo Shipping to Iran

Iran, which has a border with Turkey, has a population of around 82 million. People from different religions and sects live in the country where most of the country is composed of Muslims. The culture of Iran and the culture of Turkey are close to each other. Millions of liras are exported and imported annually between each country in each sector.

Thousands of products from every sector are traded between Turkey and Iran. Despite the embargoes, Iran did not cut the trade relationship between Turkey. Likewise, Turkey continues to strengthen its commercial relations with Iran despite the embargoes on Iran. However, due to the covid 19 virus outbreaks in recent years, all countries of the world have withdrawn into their shells. Iran is one of these countries. Turkey closed the border gate between Iran and even the borders with the whole world and retreated into its own shell. However, commercial relations continue.

Which Products Can Be Sent Between Turkey and Iran?

Due to the embargo in shipping cargo between Turkey and Iran, the trade of many products is prohibited. Due to the embargo of the USA, although Turkey has a border neighbor, it is not able to send and receive every product. Following are some of the products that came under the embargo with the latest statement of the Ministry of Commerce.

“The main import products of the country are automobiles (importing is prohibited after the announcement of the latest sanctions by Iran), iron and steel products, petrochemical products, raw materials, chemicals, automotive sub-industry (parts and parts), foodstuffs (wheat, rice, corn, barley). , red and white meat, fresh fruit and vegetables), industrial products (electrical devices, machines, production facilities), construction machinery (excavator, loader, grader, dozer), pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials and medical products, furniture and forest products (furniture) imports are prohibited after the latest sanctions).

However, all kinds of personal cargo such as special cargo to Iran can be sent. In addition, all kinds of files such as envelopes, documents, documents, confidential documents are sent to Iran by cargo. Your personal belongings are sent to Iran with great care.

Cargo Shipping to Iran

Cheapest Iran Cargo

All kinds of cargo shipments abroad are sent to Iran, especially for individuals, corporate companies and individuals who want to send cargo from Turkey to Iran. It is a difficult task to take part in this cake and to offer the most affordable prices in today's world where trade of billions of liras takes place between both countries. Due to the crises and virus outbreaks, it has become increasingly difficult to send cargo to Iran with international cargo.

Fast express offers its customers the best prices for shipping cargo to Iran. Our company, which offers the best prices for international cargo shipping, determines a price according to the desi value of your cargo. The price given by calculating the desi value is the most affordable prices in the market.

To calculate the volume deci, the width - length - height of the package is multiplied. With the result, you will find the volume, that is, the desi value, by dividing by five thousand. We create international cargo shipments according to this desi value and send your cargo to Iran at the most affordable prices.

Cargo Shipping to Iran

When Does Cargo Go to Iran?

Since we have a land border with Iran, land and air routes are used. Our company, which can send for both transportation ways, generally prefers the air way because it is faster and safer. Your cargo is sent in 1-2 days by air cargo. Whether your cargo is received from the airport or we can deliver your cargo to your recipient. As Fast Express, it follows your cargo quickly and reliably and delivers it to its final recipient. As a company, we give you a " Cargo Tracking " number for your cargo. With the cargo tracking number, you can easily track every movement of your cargo on our website.

Cargo Shipping to Iran

To Which Cities Do We Ship Cargo In Iran?

Fastest and cheapest way to many cities and addresses in Iran, especially Tehran, Tabriz, Meshed, Ishafan, Amul, Sari, Gurgan, Shahrud, Kashan, Erak, Kum, Kermanshah, Ardebil, Rasht, Zanjan, Shiraz, Hamedan and Ahwaz. We provide professional service to our customers with our cargo services.

Fast Express; Overseas Cargo provides fast, safe and professional services to our esteemed customers with its excellent service principle and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution to Iran.

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