Bringing Cargo from Abroad

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Bringing Cargo from Abroad

Bring cargo from abroad to providing all world countries from affordable prices to perform the transportation of your respective envelope or package to Turkey and that the fastest delivery time, as well as the industry's most secure network of airline cargo fetch operations from abroad is carried out by FAST EXPRESS. You can contact us at to take advantage of our economical pricing and timely delivery opportunities as the most suitable air cargo for your international envelope and package transports. Our company, which provides fast and economical service, is the first choice of our customers for all air cargo transportation, including cargo going abroad and cargo from abroad, is an indicator of our timely and economical transportation. The content, dimensions and weight of the cargo to be received from abroad, the full address in the country to be received, the contact number and name, surname should be notified to us in advance. After the address is received, a connection is made from abroad and the other party is contacted and the address is confirmed. After the address is confirmed, an appointment is made to the address to be taken and the cargo is received from the address. Service is provided as door-to-door delivery of the received cargo. Taxes may occur at the customs for cargoes brought from abroad. As Overseas Cargo, by responding to all kinds of requests, all products, goods, parcels and packages abroad are collected and sent to the head office in the country with the safest service. Shipments reaching the head office are delivered to your door without any delay by our vehicle courier. For our customers who want to bring cargo products from abroad, you can reach us at any time of the day at 0090 212 5414410 or 0090 232 4251202-03-04-05.

All kinds of documents, parcels and packages from more than 200 countries in 5 continents can be delivered to your address in Turkey with a single instruction. FAST EXPRESS for your pickup and deliveries from abroad.

In order to bring packages and envelopes from abroad, you can see the Shipping Fee from abroad in TL online by entering the weight and package dimensions of the package you will bring from abroad up to 30 kg from our calculation module on our website and choosing which country to get it from. Our prices are calculated automatically in line with the information you enter and will be priced based on the actual weight of your package. It is important to enter the actual weight of your package by weighing it with a precision scale. The actual size and weight of the package will be priced based on the records of the carrier company. If there is a difference between the carrier company records and the amount reported, the FAST EXPRESS excess fee will be refunded if the Customer is a creditor. If FAST EXPRESS Cargo is a creditor, the Customer will be contacted and the price difference will be requested.

You can send Cargo abroad by making a payment by Credit Card or Bank Transfer or EFT. After the payment, it will ensure that the Package Retrieval procedures are carried out from abroad.

Your packages abroad will be received from the relevant address as soon as possible and transferred to the address to be delivered. Your packages abroad will be received within 1-2 days and will be delivered to the address in the relevant city in Turkey.

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In international cargo shipments, it is an important criterion that the cargo you send arrives on time, it is transported safely and at the same time, the shipping operations are carried out in easy conditions. Fast Express Cargo provides you with this convenience and eliminates the trust problem by minimizing the time phase. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The products, export goods, documents, files and documents that you can send abroad by air cargo are delivered to the air cargo, and they can be transported from the country you want to the country you want in a few days by air. With Fast Express Cargo, all stages are handled easily and safely delivered to the buyer you want. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
With our contracted agents abroad, we can pick up your shipments from your address and send them to any address in the receiving country. It is sufficient to deliver the documents we have sent to you to the courier. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Pricing is different for country groups starting from Region 1 and going up to Region 7. When your shipment is made, we can make pricing by looking at the country group together with its size and weight. For more detailed information, see our campaign prices
Since the pricing for international cargoes is determined from abroad on the basis of foreign currency, increases in exchange rates and changes in international oil prices cause cargo prices to increase. We recommend you to review our Campaign prices for pricing