What can be shipped by overseas shipping?
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What can be shipped by overseas shipping?

If you are exporting to countries other than Turkey, if you're selling a product over the internet, you need to send documents to various reasons, if you want to send gifts to your friends in other countries abroad, most reliable and most affordable international courier delivery is made by Fast Express Shipping. However, some conditions, some laws or some country procedures raise the question of n what can be sent by cargo abroad insanlar.

Legally Abroad Products

Products that can be shipped abroad; export products, Exhibition supplies and exhibition equipment, Food products, documents, printed products, company and office documents, office goods, Garment clothes and textile products, cosmetic products, accessory parts, bijouterie products, accessories, book magazines and notebooks, household appliances, furniture, car parts, fitness exercise equipment, motor aircraft or boat parts, tires, plastic products, toys, lighting products, document documents, candles, samples, computers, wallpapers and blinds products, glass metal containers, computer products and photocopy papers , printed paper products, play and hobby products, lawn gardening equipment, building materials, windows, catalogs and brochures, televisions, radios, power tools, baby products, framed goods, hats, plastic containers, boxes, bottles, bags, electronic products and accessories, medical devices equipment and supplies, handcrafted products products, display cases, pet items, long bars, unbreakable home decors, sports equipment and equipment, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, shipping materials, glasses and gadgets, paper and plastic materials, musical instruments, storage boxes, hardware and bulky items, health beauty care supplies, heaters and coolers, batteries…
And the items listed below, except boxes, packages, sacks, crates and so on. All shipments that comply with transport standards can be shipped abroad.

What Can Be Sent With International Shipping?

Illegal Products Not Shipped Abroad

Usually the cargo can not be sent abroad; Open shipments without packaging include drugs such as pills, cocaine, marijuana, bonzai, explosive and flammable substances, all kinds of live or non-living animals, products that may damage postal goods, heavy, sharp, tearable substances, biodegradable products products bearing distorting sign pictograms, products bearing disruptive sign pictograms, human organs or funerals, check notes or cash, precious items, jewelery, gold silver etc. stones, firearms, immediate perishable meat or dairy products, chicken products , intestinal raw leather kitchen oils, eggs, large materials that are difficult to transport, cleaning products (liquid detergents, etc.), chemical products that can perish quickly, plastic and oil paints, garlic onions or spicy heavy smells and other products that can absorb the smell, tobacco and tobacco products, tip k piercing cargoes whose names are not covered by gussets, which will damage other sharp pointed posts…

However, there are products that will be sent to abroad by cargo under certain conditions. These are the shipments that will be accepted if Fast Express Cargo accepts the responsibility of both the shipper and the shipper. These responsibilities also disappear when the packaging process is carried out safely. Furniture, non-perishable foodstuffs, glass or mirror products, small household appliances and articles, medical equipment, hardware materials, automobile supplies, automobile components, construction equipment, printing materials, the battery in the liquid completely discharged and put into solid packaging, solutions, carpet products, cold products, household goods tüm all products and goods are transported abroad under certain conditions or under certain agreements.

What Can Be Sent With International Shipping?

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