Overseas Fast Cargo Transportation
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Overseas Fast Cargo Transportation

With the rapid development of technology in our world, transportation, travel abroad, communication and commercial activities are now becoming widespread and easier. This easiness and rapid expansion leads to the need for Overseas Fast Cargo Transportation. Thanks to the supply and demand relationship, international cargo prices and costs in the world are decreasing day by day. In addition to costs, the most important criterion for fast cargo shipments abroad is fast cargo transportation. All international shipments you want to send for personal and institutional purposes are delivered to the desired country in the fastest and most reliable way. Individual overseas cargoes usually; used for paperwork and documents, personal shipments, gifts, their small ecommerce activities. Commercial international cargoes are used for export goods, machinery, parts, products, sample materials, documents, exhibition equipment and large-scale e-commerce activities. With our Fast Cargo Transportation service we provide abroad, you can make fast shipments that will facilitate your work and save you time in terms of planning your company strategies.

How many days does abroad take with Fast Cargo Transportation?

Delivery times of our fast delivery times to abroad are approximate; average 1-2 business days after the overseas outflow from Turkey to Europe, 2-3 working days to USA, 3-4 working days to countries in the South American continent, 4-5 working days to countries in Africa, 2 for Far East countries -5 business days, 3-4 business days for Russia and Ukraine document shipments.

Overseas Fast Shipping Prices

You can get information from our customer representatives quickly from our international cargo campaigns, contact section on our website or phone numbers in order to reach our current product and service prices. The standard weight per piece is 70 kilograms and the standard size limit for desi is 220 cm. Extra non-standard shipping charges may be charged for overseas express shipments above this sizing size and weight. Abroad fast shipping prices; It varies according to the current economic situation, the changes in the oil prices of the international transportation operators and the transportation costs reflected as fuel price differences. Express shipments that cannot be reached and delivered to any part of the world abroad or that are not accepted by the recipient you sent your cargo to are returned to you with charge. Overseas fast shipping shipment will be invoiced to you as the return fee. Additional charges for product delivery and fast delivery are as follows. Overseas fast cargo service Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, North Korea and Iran due to war, terrorism or social uprising, embargo or other geopolitical and political situations such as these countries because of the additional fee system is applied to the cargo transportation prices. No additional discounts or discounts are applied to this surcharge system.

Fast Express Shipping; It is the fastest in both the delivery of fast cargo shipments abroad and in the delivery stage, in the customs processes of overseas countries, in all overseas cargo transfer operations, and during the safe transportation. Fast Express Cargo company, in every region you want to send in all regions of the world with a distribution network and safe transportation system with the world-famous and important cargo transportation companies in partnership with the international cargo services has become the mission of being the fastest cargo company. Shipments you want to ship abroad; from the moment we receive the most secure way to be protected, stored and begins shipping. The documents and shipments are processed through our registration system. For the fastest way of shipping abroad, you can send your cargo to us; You can follow all stages of our tracking system software on our website. You can easily observe the stages until the goods, products, documents or goods that you send are delivered to the buyer.

When it is desired to use the overseas fast cargo transportation service, the criteria that are generally filtered by everyone are; it is the best, the safest, the most affordable and the fastest. It makes you feel safe and comfortable to know that the goods, products or documents you want to ship from abroad to your own country or from your own country to a region abroad are transported safely, quickly. In some cases, the most cost-effective inexpensive cargo is preferred, in some cases the documents to be sent important, timely document should be preferred to be the fastest. Moving your overseas cargo at the cheapest prices does not mean that it is the best.

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