Overseas Cargo Buyer Pay Shipping Service

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Overseas Cargo Buyer Pay Shipping Service

The service provided for products to and from abroad is called international cargo service. With this service, people will be able to send cargo to any destination in the world. Today, where transportation and communication is extremely fast, shipping, tracking and delivery of cargo is just as fast and secure. There are many services in international cargo shipping. One of these services is buyer paid shipping. With the buyer paid shipping, the cargo is delivered after the buyer pays the shipping shipping fee and the cargo package fee.

Buyer-paid cargo shipping service is the same as other shipping services. The only difference is that the person or persons who will receive the cargo pay the cargo shipping and package fee and the cargo delivery is realized. With this service, people have brought the condition of receiving the cargo on the condition that the buyer pays for the cargo.

Overseas Cargo Buyer Pay Shipping Service

Cheapest International Shipping with Buyer Pay

It is not an easy task to send the most affordable cargo with buyer payment. New problems arise in international cargo shipments against increasing prices and virus threats. However, with our experienced staff and our vast company experience, we send cargo shipments with buyer payment effortlessly and at the most economical prices. A fee is determined for the delivery of your cargo by calculating the desi, that is, the volume of your cargo. In addition, we reflect the cheapest prices in the market based on the address where the tile will go.

Our company, which works hard to ensure that your cargo goes safely at the most affordable prices and as soon as possible, makes a great effort so that your international cargo packages do not wait at ports or customs for days. Our company, which provides international cargo service with one buyer payment in as short a time as possible, works hard.

Overseas Cargo Buyer Pay Shipping Service

Overseas Cargo Tracking with Buyer Payment

Your cargo with buyer's payment is followed wherever it goes in the world. With the cargo tracking number we have given you, you can immediately find out where your cargo is and its movements. Working with years of experience, our company tracks the cargo until it is delivered to the recipient. Our company, which sends tracked cargo to more than 200 countries in the world, sends your cargo in accordance with internationally determined rules.

Overseas Cargo Buyer Pay Shipping Service

Buyer Pay Exports

We have economic, import and normal courier services in international cargo services with buyer payment. In addition, with our micro import service and "Micro Export" (Exit with ETGB) service, we carry out the transactions of cargo shipments with a weight of 150 kg and a goods value of less than 7500 euros very quickly, with indirect representation authority, without customs consultancy price, bill of lading and storage fee. With our airmail export service, we transport all kinds of your shipments, paid or free of charge, according to IATA rules.

Overseas Cargo Buyer Pay Shipping Service

As Fast express, we provide international cargo service for all kinds of packages, documents and personal belongings with an unmatched quality service and paid by the buyer. We work hard to solve the problems of our customers and provide fast and reliable services.

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