International Express Cargo Transportation

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International Express Cargo Transportation

With the rapid development of technology in our world, transportation, international travel, communication and commercial activities are now becoming widespread and easier. This convenience and rapid expansion creates the need for International Fast Cargo Transportation. Thanks to the supply-demand relationship, international cargo prices and costs around the world are decreasing day by day compared to previous years. In addition to the costs, the most important criterion in fast cargo shipments abroad is fast cargo transportation. All your international shipments that you want to send for personal and corporate purposes are delivered from the desired country to the desired country in the fastest and most reliable way. Individual international cargoes are generally; used for paperwork and documents, personal shipments, gifts, own small e-commerce activities. International commercial cargoes are used for export goods, machinery, parts, products, sample materials, documents, exhibition equipment and large-scale e-commerce activities. With the International Fast Cargo Transportation service we provide, fast shipments can be made that will facilitate your work and save you time in terms of planning your company strategies.

How many days does it take with International Fast Cargo Transportation?

The delivery times of our international fast cargo delivery times are approximately; Average 1-2 working days for Europe after departure from Turkey, 2-3 working days for America, 3-4 working days for countries in South America, 4-5 working days for countries in African continent, 2 for Far East countries -5 working days, 3-4 working days for document shipments to Russia and Ukraine.

International Fast Shipping Prices

You can quickly get information from our customer representatives from our international cargo campaigns, from the contact section of our website or from our phone numbers to reach our current product and service prices. The standard weight per piece for international fast cargo goods is 70 kilograms and the standard size limit in desi is determined as 220 cm. An extra non-standard shipping fee may be charged for international fast shipments over this sizing, size and weight. Fast shipping prices abroad; It varies according to the current economic situation, the changes in the oil prices of the operators engaged in international transportation, the transportation costs reflected as the fuel price difference. Fast shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipient in any part of the world abroad or that are not accepted by the recipient to whom you send your cargo are returned to you for a fee. The return shipping cost of international fast shipping will be invoiced to you as a return fee, that is, to the sender. The additional fees applied within the scope of the product and fast shipping are as follows. In international fast cargo service, an additional fee system is applied to the prices of cargo transportation to Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, North Korea and Iran due to war, terrorism or social uprising, embargo or geopolitical and political situations such as these. Campaigns or similar discounts are not applied to this additional fee system.

Fast Express Shipping; It is the fastest in both international fast cargo delivery and receipt stages, customs processes of foreign countries, all international cargo transfer transactions, and safe transportation. Fast Express Cargo company is in partnership with world famous and important cargo transportation companies that have a distribution network and safe transportation system in every region of the world you want to send, and has made it its mission to be the fastest cargo company in international cargo services. Shipments you want to be shipped abroad; From the moment we receive it, it is protected, preserved and shipped in the most secure way. Your documents and shipments are processed in our tracking system after going through the registration phase. For the fastest international shipping, your international cargoes that you have delivered to us; You can follow all the steps in our tracking system software on our website. You can easily observe the stages in the fastest way until the goods, products, documents or goods you send are delivered to the recipient.

When it is desired to use the overseas fast cargo transportation service, the criteria that are generally filtered by everyone; It's the best, safest, most affordable, and fastest. Knowing that the goods, products or documents you want to ship from abroad to your own country or from your own country to a region abroad are safely and quickly transported, makes you feel safe and comfortable. In some cases, the cheapest cargo with the most affordable price is preferred in terms of cost, while in other cases, if the document to be sent is an important document that needs to be delivered on time, the fastest should be preferred. The fact that your international cargo is transported with the cheapest prices does not mean that it is the best. Because it usually takes weeks for your cargo, which is made with the cheapest transportation, to be delivered to any country you want abroad. Applying to Fast Express Cargo will be the most appropriate step for you to avoid regrets as a result of such temporal problems or problems in deadlines. On our website, you can get a lot of information about the fast shipping service abroad and see how fast, practical and easy you can send to many cities in the world.

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The weight capacity of your shipments should not exceed 150 kg and the value of the goods you will send should not exceed 7500 Euros in standard shipping, which is within the scope of "micro export". If your shipment to all countries exceeds these standards, you must contact us again. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Fast Express Shipping; It is the fastest in both international fast cargo delivery and receipt stages, customs processes of foreign countries, all international cargo transfer transactions, and safe transportation. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Even though it may seem difficult, it is a system that you can easily and easily do. It is sufficient to prepare the three documents we request from you. After we deliver your shipment to the airport with the necessary documents, we forward the details to your customs officer with our customs exits. After your customs officer completes the declaration procedures, your shipment will be released and we will deliver it to the address. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
There are many companies that say they are doing cheap cargo transportation around you. But the important thing is speed and reliability. It is available to those who give a cheap price and transfer to Europe in 20 days. We, as Fast Express, provide delivery to Europe within 1-2 business days during the transfer with our system that you can track 24/7. Our customer support staff, whom you can reach when you call, inform you in detail about the latest status of your product. We provide information from the live support platform on our website. Check out our campaign prices
Products up to 300 kg, which are determined by the customs units as cargo, can be sent as samples from Turkey to other countries. At the declared exits, products over 70 kg can be transported on the condition that they are on the pallet. For the products to be sent, information should be obtained by asking your cargo company whether they are transportable by IATA. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,