International Cargo Shipment

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International Cargo Shipment

Cargo Abroad

Cargo abroad is possible with companies that deliver your personal or commercial shipments from Turkey to abroad, and also enable you to receive cargo from abroad to Turkey. Cargo shipments may vary according to the scale of the companies. You can ship with a document or a parcel, or you can safely transport your larger shipments with the Fast Express cargo company at very affordable prices with partial transportation. You can easily receive this service, which provides cargo to every corner of the world, within the standards of reliability.

The services that provide the delivery of products, files, documents and similar things from one place to another are called cargo. Cargo services are available for both domestic and international destinations. International cargo services are very much needed in many areas today. It is possible to benefit from these services for both individual shipments and commercial shipments. It is possible to send many things you can think of to abroad within the scope of cargo services. In order to send cargo abroad, it is important to get service from an expert company. In this way, the things you want to send can be delivered both safely and without any problems. It should be noted that the fees for this service also vary.

Our company has been serving for a long time in the field of international cargo shipping. With the experience we have gained in the sector, we serve you in the best way. First of all, it is worth noting that we aim to provide high customer satisfaction in all our services. For this reason, we deliver your cargo to the address as soon as possible without any problems. At the same time, we deliver to every country within the scope of international cargo services. You can get service from us for all countries, especially European countries. It should be noted that within the scope of our services, we receive your products and shipments quickly. Then we prepare it to be sent and complete the delivery as soon as possible.

Is Insurance Covered While Sending Cargo Abroad?

Sending cargo abroad has become easier with the development of the logistics industry in today's conditions. Now, you can encounter affordable prices and unique opportunities while sending cargo to the country you want. This also brings with it a fast delivery process. One of the first questions that come to mind is insurance and insurance. Carriage rules for insurance in international cargo are very clear.
Fast Express cargo company does not demand an additional insurance policy from its customers. Senders who wish to cover this have the right to issue an insurance policy privately. The portion of the amount accepted as the declared value on the pro forma by the company is insured up to the limit of $100. At the same time, the sender has to pay extra insurance premium considering the packaging error of the sender and possible malfunctions.
Fast Express cargo company offers its senders the right to issue an insurance policy exclusively with an insurance agency for valuable shipments as security. Insurance policies with a maximum value of up to 7,500 € must be included in the transport certificate issued by the sender himself with the shipment. The cargo company does not request the document and the sender must declare it himself.

How Long Is the Cargo Delivery Time Abroad?

Delivery time for international cargo companies may differ according to many variables such as departure point, destination, transfer type and date range. Of course, transfer types of countries are generally accepted as standard. Accordingly, Fast Express international cargo delivery times are very fast.
For fast shipment, the most suitable type of transfer can be selected among the road or airline options offered by the company to the determined location. Fast Express cargo company informs in advance of certain time periods for transfers to many countries as a process.
Your cargo shipments from Turkey are 6 days to Afghanistan, 2 days to Albania, 3 days to China, 1 day to France, 1 day to Spain, 1 day to Italy, 3 days to Japan, 2 days to Cyprus. day, 3 days to Russia, 3 days to Syria. Delivery times represent the total transfer process, including the local distribution process. However, all processes were determined as average.

Which Documents Are Required For International Cargo?

The documents you will need to send cargo from Turkey to abroad may vary depending on the type of your shipment. You can send a gift only to one of your relatives, or you can send a document individually. While you do not need a special document for this, you need to make invoicing for your commercial shipments.
Of course, with Fast Express cargo, you have the chance not to make direct invoicing when sending your shipments related to your commercial activities abroad. By completing the pre-invoicing process with the proforma you will arrange, the delivery report including the commercial value of the product will be sufficient. Of course, with the delivery of the shipment, an obligation to issue an invoice arises and you can reduce the possible errors to the minimum level and realize the invoicing stage thanks to the proforma.
Basically, four different documents are required for cargo to be sent for commercial activities. For these, you have to have an active company and be a taxpayer.
• Proforma
• ETGB Form
• Loading Note
• Invoice
You can use international cargo service for trade sites that sell abroad, companies that import and export, or for a sale you have made individually. However, it is obligatory to make an invoice declaration for the product you have sent.

Do International Cargo Companies Carry out Partial Transportation?

Cargo cost is one of the most important factors for international cargo shipments. Users pay different prices for larger cargoes such as documents or parcels they send. As in the whole logistics sector, special partial transportation routes are formed in order to reduce the prices calculated over desi to a more appropriate level.
Fast Express makes low costs possible with the opportunities it offers specifically for partial road transport in Europe. It delivers the part shipments you send to Europe to the destination point together with different shipments in a single vehicle. In addition to its expert staff, it makes safe, fast and affordable transportation possible thanks to its experience in the sector for years.
At the same time, it allows you to send your shipments up to € 7.500 to Europe without having to pay any bill of lading, warehouse or customs fee. With this opportunity, which is offered with the authority of representation, the cost of sending cargo abroad is significantly reduced. It continues to offer solutions for your international documents, packages, parcels and larger shipments.

International Cargo Transportation

Fast Express prefers both land transportation and air transportation for cargo shipping abroad. While an average of 1-2 days fast delivery process is provided to the countries in the European Union region, this process takes place in an average of 2-5 days in intercontinental logistics operations such as America. With such a fast delivery opportunity, both cargo shipments from Turkey to abroad and cargo processes from abroad to Turkey can be evaluated much more positively.
Our company employs expert personnel who professionally approach every stage of the cargo process. Therefore, you can benefit from our service that follows the customs process of your shipment, organizes every step related to customs legislation, and legally completes all standards related to taxation and storage processes. If you contact Fast Express customer services before sending the cargo, your shipment can be received directly from your location.
We have a vision that works in coordination in every province of Turkey and brings quality service to you with various business connections. As a result of this, the most affordable prices can always be met with you at the point of customer satisfaction. A feverish effort is being made to ensure that you have a reliable, fast and always quality cargo process. Land transportation can also be a preferred option for the delivery of your shipment, which is delivered to the destination point by air transportation, from the location where it is located. If you wish, you can make it possible to receive the shipment from the airport or from your address.
Transportation is a serious and sensitive business. The products to be transported must be transported properly and safely without any damage. Regardless of the cargo package you send, it must be transported safely and at an affordable price. Particular attention should be paid to this business, especially if it is international cargo transportation.

In overseas cargo shipping , the products must be transported to the right addresses without being lost and on time. In order to prevent any damage to your products during the international shipping process, our professional teams intervene immediately and ensure that they are transported safely.

Sending Cargo Abroad

You may think that sending cargo abroad is a troublesome job for you, like everyone else, but there is no difference between international cargo shipping and domestic cargo transportation. It even provides great convenience as a company for companies and individuals who want to send cargo abroad . If you want to send your products both safe and affordable international cargo, you can contact our professional team.

Since international cargo transportation has reached its maximum level in recent years, prices may increase day by day. We have reached a professional corporate structure thanks to years of experience as a company in international cargo shipping. As Fast-express, we provide the most affordable and safest cargo transportation to all international countries.

International Cargo Shipping

Fast-express provides the most suitable price for international cargo shipping according to cargo weight, size and destination countries. Once you work with our company, you will see that our service is of professional quality and you will never leave again.

How to Send Cargo Abroad?

People who are going to send anything abroad can do so very easily. Our company provides you with all kinds of convenience in this field. The first thing you need to do is contact us. You can easily reach us by phone from our contact numbers. At the same time, you can easily contact us by sending an e-mail or through our website. Then you have to let us know where and what to send. You can get a price quote according to the product features and, if you approve, you can start the international shipping process. First of all, your shipments are received and brought to our collection centers. After the necessary procedures are carried out in our collection centers and the product is packed well, the shipping begins quickly. Shipping is generally done in this way. In the shortest possible time, the cargo is delivered to the desired country and address.
As a company that provides services with its expert staff and vehicles in the field of shipping, we offer you quality services. Sending cargo abroad can be done easily and quickly. We will deliver the shipments in a short time without tiring you. In addition, we come to the fore with our economical fees. You can deliver most of the shipments you can think of through our company. More precisely, you can send anything permitted under the law with us.

What is sent abroad by Cargo?

The services provided by our firm, which offers international cargo services, are extremely comprehensive. One of the most curious issues of people who want to send cargo to different countries is what can be sent abroad by cargo. It should be noted that almost everything that comes to your mind can be sent abroad through our company. In general, sending dangerous substances and products is prohibited. Other than that, there are no restrictions. You can get professional services from us for all your shipments, whether individual or commercial.
What is forbidden to send abroad regarding shipping is determined by the Turkish Commercial Code. You can easily send everything abroad, except for the prohibited products and substances in the law. Appropriate documentation must be provided by the customer if required for commercial shipments. Our company, which provides professional service in this field, will help you in the best way in the whole process. You can get professional help from our customer representatives on any issue you can think of. You can find out if it is suitable by informing us what the cargo you want to send is. As long as there are no flammable or combustible materials, your shipments are safely delivered to the address you want in the country you want.

How to Track the Cargo Sent Abroad?

People who send international cargo can track these cargoes very easily. There is the possibility of tracking in domestic cargo sending, and the same opportunity is available in international cargo sending. Our company helps you in this area in the best way possible. You can easily inquire about the shipment number of your cargo on our website and get information about the location of the shipment. There is a cargo tracking screen on our website. You can quickly query by using the tracking number created for your shipment.
Our company constantly updates the shipment status. In this way, people who send cargo abroad can enter the site whenever they want and get information about the status of their shipments by using the cargo tracking system. On our site, you can see where the cargo is that day and its previous movements. As one of the leading names in the industry, we provide services with affordable international shipping prices. You can contact us to take advantage of our services and send cargo to many countries with affordable prices.

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You can easily make your shipments from your country to any point in the world in a fast, low cost, safe and attentive way. In the International Express Cargo service, the most attractive price, the easiest and safest transportation among your shipping options is provided by Fast Express Cargo. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
In international fast cargo service, additional fee for cargo transportation to Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, North Korea and Iran due to war, terrorism or social upheaval, curfew, embargo or similar geopolitical and political situations. system is applied. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
While sending international cargo, you should definitely get information from your transport company about the portable materials that are dangerous for the aircraft and other transportation vehicles and determined by the international authorized institutions. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
While your overseas cargo is sent with a counter payment, the payment must be confirmed by your recipient. The relevant payment confirmations are provided through the links made by the courier company based on the information reported by the sender. Shipments without payment confirmation are returned to the sender. The relevant costs are collected from the sender at the time of return. For overseas counter-paid shipments, the freight fee is collected from the buyer, and it can also be requested from the buyer for taxes that may occur in the customs of the relevant country. If the relevant tax payments are requested by the sender, they can be converted and processed to be paid from Turkey, and the extra fees incurred in this regard are invoiced to the sender and collected. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
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