How Do I Send Drugs Abroad?
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How Do I Send Drugs Abroad?

International shipping continues to increase with the increasing trade volume in recent years. Cargo shipments in the world are made with countless product variety. All kinds of products, packages, documents and special items are sent. Today, too many drugs are produced for the treatment of epidemics and viruses. There is also a transfer of drug productions to other countries in the world.
Delivery of drug transfers to be made is more difficult compared to other posts. Because each country requests different documents and permits for drug delivery. The customs of each country questions why the drug is sent. Persons or companies that will send medicines abroad can send cargo in the light of the following documents.
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Documents Required for Drug Delivery Abroad

• Prescription of the drug to be sent abroad
• prospectus of the drug
Doctors report
Health report
• Social health information
• Causes of drug use
• All other documents

Why is Drug Delivery Difficult?

It is very difficult to send medicines abroad. Not all companies may send drugs abroad. Because one of the biggest reasons for this is the customs rules applied. In drug delivery, customs conduct very strict inspections. It requests many documents from prescriptions to all kinds of health reports. In addition, many companies do not send medicines due to problems in drug delivery.

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What should I do to send drugs abroad?

Fast express sends all kinds of cargo that should be transported in international cargo transportation. every non-banned drug that sends our company is performed on more than 220 countries of the world and sending them to drug cargo Turkey. Despite all kinds of difficult conditions, we are working hard to ship cargo.
Our company sends your medicines quickly, safely, economically and with follow-up. We provide you with a cargo tracking number for your medicines we send. If you want, you can follow every move of your cargo. Your medicines sent by plane cargo can be reached in a very short time.
You can contact our company on 0215 414 4410 or 0232 425 1205 from your city to send medicines as international cargo.
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Fast and abroad as the international express cargo submissions for persons and companies who wish to send drug Turkey offers its customers professional services.

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