Discounted International Cargo Shipping

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Discounted International Cargo Shipping

Overseas cargo transportation has increased a lot in recent years. International cargo transportation has become as easy as domestic transportation and its prices have become so affordable. Your cargo is sent at a discount with the latest technology vehicles we use in air cargo and land cargo transportation. Your international cargoes such as Europe, Asia, America and Africa are being transported.

Economic International Cargo Shipping

Our economical and discounted international cargo service is used for all companies and individuals. Large and small companies and individuals who want to send their cargo to more than 200 countries in the world at discounted prices prefer us intensively. Cargoes are sent to every country, big or small. As a company, we take every security from the packaging of the cargo to its storage and delivery.

Each country has different customs regulations for the cargos sent. Problems may arise in cargo transportation due to quota applications or restrictions. As a company, our professional team is working hard to prevent any problems by taking the precautions of all of them. Cargoes sent to the customs regulations of European, Asian, American and African countries are delivered during working hours on weekdays. If the recipient is correct, the cargo is delivered and a signature is received.

The latest technological tools and software system we use ensure that your discounted cargo is delivered safely by managing the shipping time, road process, customs processes and the processes until delivery to the address with our professional staff. We use our courier and cargo services such as normal, economic, import, micro import, air export and partial road cargo services. Your cargo is delivered at the most economical and attractive prices in the market.

Discounted Shipping Abroad

Due to the increasing costs in recent years, individual and corporate companies send their packages at standard prices, not discounted prices. However, as a company, we always send international cargo at discounted prices. We transport food products, textile products, technological products, metal and plastic parts, products and personal belongings abroad at a discount. We serve our customers with the knowledge gained over the years, our professional staff and the software system we use. Our fast-express cargo company can be transported to the desired address internationally.

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While sending abroad as cargo, information should be asked whether there will be any tax and other country customs related expenses for the product to be sent to your recipient in the shipments to be made as an individual. The person who is abroad should be advised to get information from the customs and customs authorities about the taxes and other costs that may occur in his country. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
While sending international cargo, you should definitely get information from your transport company about the portable materials that are dangerous for the aircraft and other transportation vehicles and determined by the international authorized institutions. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
For overseas cargo shipments, information should be asked from the company to which the package will be transported, about which destinations the package will be transported. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
In international cargo shipments, the customs process is determined according to the legal country procedures applied by the customs of the recipient and the future of the delivery. Since the relevant transport company cannot directly intervene in the time and transactions in the customs processes, transactions are made in line with the customer's own customs officer or in person. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The processes in international cargo shipments must first be determined how and where the cargo will be delivered, where the payment will be made, that is, whether it will be paid by the receiver or the sender. After the cargo is delivered, it enters the customs via the relevant flights and after the transaction, the cargo received from the customs by the transport company is directed to the address for distribution. In cases such as not being at the address, the cargo company must be informed. In these cases, the cargo company may store the material for a certain period of time, and then return or destruction will be requested. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,