Companies Sending Cargo Abroad

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Companies that send cargo abroad

Fast Express Cargo, which works with global overseas cargo companies serving in our country; When you send cargo abroad or when you send cargo from abroad to cities in Turkey, it eliminates the processes that arise such as getting price offers from each cargo company separately, getting information about delivery, fees, prices and delivery from branches. Fast express Cargo is the company with which you can handle these difficult processes in the lowest cost and most comfortable way.

Fast Express Cargo is the address you will apply to for the fastest shipping of your exported goods, products, documents, souvenirs, documents, international cargo. Your personal cargo or commercial corporate cargo or official (documents, documents, etc.) cargo is sent abroad in the fastest way. Regardless of the purpose of sending, you can send it to any country / region you want, regardless of distance conditions. The fastest shipping abroad; It is cargo shipment by plane. You can send your shipment at normal speed or at very urgent speed.

What can be sent with companies that send cargo abroad?

You can send all your cargo such as Documents, Files, Documents, Passports, Samples, Packages, Gifts and Parcels with our delivery times of a few days. Our international cargo prices are very economical and there are current international cargo campaigns. Your cargo is received from your address in the province you are in throughout Turkey, and the same day transfer is provided and shipped abroad. Cargo transportation times abroad may vary due to reasons such as holidays and remote area delivery.

You can check our website for our international shipping prices. Request a special price for your cargo over 30 Kg. The system will issue standard pricing for cargoes over 30 Kg, you can contact us from the contact section on our website. Your shipments are delivered with contracted international cargo companies. After your online cargo order, our customer representative will contact you and inform you about the cargo process without delay. Your cargo tracking number will be notified to you as soon as the transfer starts, and you will be able to track it online. For your non-documentary shipments that exceed a certain value, customs duty may be applied due to the customs legislation of the receiving country. You can pay your international cargo payment to Europe online by credit card or bank transfer.

Your shipments that you want to ship abroad are taken to the safe transportation stage from the moment they are delivered to us or received by us, and are transported in the fastest and safest way to the country to be delivered. It is one of the principles of Fast Express Cargo to be the fastest in cargo processing and customs processes and to ensure that it is transported on time in the safest way.

In addition to normal overground shipments, air cargo is used for the timely delivery of products, goods or documents to be sent abroad with the fastest cargo preference, to be delivered within a few days. From one end of the world to the other, you can easily trust us when it comes to the fastest international cargo. Delivery of products or goods or important documents that need to be sent in emergency situations is made in the fastest way. For example; poster flyers and brochures, emergency exhibition materials, invitations, forgotten or missing factory production materials, important documents, machine spare parts, promotions, bulletins...

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If you want to send bulk international cargo, special discounts are provided to you. You can contact us immediately to make a deal. All your international cargoes for corporate or individual purposes are provided by Fast Express Cargo in the fastest and most affordable way. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Fast shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipient in any part of the world abroad or that are not accepted by the recipient to whom you send your cargo are returned to you for a fee. The return shipping cost of international fast shipping will be invoiced to you as a return fee, that is, to the sender. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The shipping limit on the basis of samples abroad is 150 kg for a single bill of lading. On the basis of ETGB / Micro Export abroad, the shipping limit is 300 kg for a single bill of lading. There is no kilogram limit for declarations abroad. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
First of all, you need to contact us after you have your shipment ready. It is sufficient to deliver your shipment to the courier that comes with the documents we will send to you. We can help you in this regard with our most advantageous prices. Check out our campaign prices
Products arriving in Turkey enter the Turkish customs from Istanbul. If the products inspected by the customs are accepted as samples, they are released by the customs and delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to the address. In the products coming for the companies, it should be stated that there is 1 piece of the material as a sample and that it comes as a sample. For products that need to be processed by the customs, they can be included in the scope of ETGB and the application in this regard should be made to your cargo company to be forwarded to the customs. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,