Cheapest Iran Cargo

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Cheapest Iran Cargo

Cheapest Iran Cargo

Iran, one of the oldest states in the world, has come under different names until today. The main language of the country, which is known as the Islamic state of Iran today, is Persian. It is also used in minority languages such as Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish. Iran, which has been exposed to US embargoes for years, has an understanding of administration according to Islamic rules. Iran is a member of the United Nations, the Islamic Cooperation Organization and OPEC. Millions of goods are shipped daily between Turkey and Iran. Thousands of products from each sector contribute economically to the two countries.

Although there have been contractions in trade relations with Iran in recent years, an ongoing process is still in progress. Despite the embargoes of the USA, our continuing commercial relations continue to strengthen. Iran ranks 25th among the countries that Turkey exports to. Iran ranks 18th among the countries in Turkey's imports. Iran has resources such as petroleum products, gas, zinc and aluminum for Turkey. Turkey, on the other hand, generally includes products such as bananas, tobacco products and fiber cables.

Cheapest Iran Cargo

Iran Cargo Prices

The price is determined according to the desi value of all packages, documents, documents and personal shipments to be sent to and from Iran. In the globalizing world, price policy is very important. Our company is expanding its activities and services in this direction. Although our company, which offers you the most affordable prices, seems to be customer-oriented when we look at the international area, serious increases are observed in prices when companies and individuals try to get this service.

Fast express is the most suitable Iran-Iran cargo delivery price is determined according to the desi value and the number of goods for companies and individuals. Our company provides long and short term price guarantee.

Cheapest Iran Cargo

Iran Partial Road Service

Turkey, which has a 560 km land border with Iran, sends millions of dollars annually through its border gates. The fact that cargoes go by road is the most suitable option for cargoes that do not have time priority. The highway, which is used especially for the transportation of the products manufactured by the companies, is frequently preferred. Our company, which offers practical and fast solutions with partial road service, offers innovative solutions to its customers.

Cheapest Iran Cargo

Iran Affordable Fast Shipping

Cargo transfers to Iran from Turkey are sent to all cities of Iran. Economic and fast shipping to all cities such as Isfahan, Kerman, Kish Island, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Tehran, Abadan, Zabol, Ardabil, Sabzevar, Ahvaz, Yazd, Bandar, Lengeh, Bojnord, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Bam, especially Tehran makes the transfer.

Fast Express; With Iran Cargo , it provides professional services to your esteemed company and individual customers with its excellent service principle and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution.

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Shipments can be made as individuals from Turkey. Pickup from the address at the address you are in or delivery of the package to the nearest contracted agency should be provided. For the package, a proforma invoice should be created that states the content of the material. The materials in the box to be sent must be the same as the proforma invoice. Legally, the sender is responsible for undeclared content. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Our shipments enter Turkey in 1 business day. You can track these posts on our system 24/7. Check out our campaign prices
First of all, you need to inform us from where your shipment will be received in the other country and where it will arrive here. Recipient and sender information, material content information must be complete. Your collection will be organized if you inform us when these details are ready. The required documents will be prepared together with our customer support staff. Then your package will reach you. Check out our campaign prices
Affordable prices are sent to you by looking at the size and weight of your package that will come from Iran. Check out our campaign prices
The smaller the size of your packages, the lower the prices. You should keep the size of your posts to a minimum. Check out our campaign prices