Sending Goods by Cargo Abroad
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Sending Goods by Cargo Abroad

The creation of new consumer markets with developing technology has led the large companies and manufacturing factories in our country to export goods to other countries in the world. Firms that took advantage of this opportunity increased their profits and caused them to grow further. Thus, today's economy has become global. In our country, it has revealed the service of sending goods by cargo to abroad.

the other one of the things you pay attention to when sending goods from Turkey in yurtış; Unlike the country within the boundaries of the goods is subject to various procedures at customs. For this reason, you need Fast Express Cargo for sending goods to abroad and stopping and inspecting your goods at customs. Some countries have customs exemption. In countries without customs exemption, sending goods may be problematic.

Sending Goods Abroad

Whether it is actual export, credit export, value-added or free export, transit and record-linked export, leasing and clearing; we need to send goods by cargo abroad. Fast Express Cargo meets your fast, safe and affordable shipping needs. There are some vat riskers faced by the companies that send their goods for these purposes. In accordance with the VAT law, the goods or services you send will be held liable for the tax of the country shipped according to the Princip Destination Principle ken. The VAT of the exporting country is not calculated, but instead is calculated by VAT laws in accordance with the principle of destination of the country of destination. Fast Express Cargo in the process of sending goods with cargo abroad, saves you from the problematic situations of VAT. You can contact us for more information about the subject.

International Shipping

Sending goods by cargo abroad also covers the e-export system. Since e-export has become easier in the current years, the need to send goods abroad with cargo has had to increase even more than in previous years.
Within the scope of sending goods by cargo abroad; All your export products, documents, gift items, parcels, documents, export goods, documents are delivered to the point you want in the country you want quickly and reliably. Your goods shipments with Fast Express Shipping; our system can be followed easily and up to date at any time. Your export goods with a weight capacity up to 150 kg and price up to 7500 Euro are included in the scope of micro exports. Paid is in the export category. You can also arrange these value-added exports with customs consultancy firms and make customs declaration transactions. However, these customs consultancy firms cannot issue Electronic Trade Customs Declaration. You can easily solve your transactions with Cargo Express with Fast Express Cargo which has the authority to send Electronic Trade Customs Declaration. The goods you deliver or receive from us will be processed immediately. After the tax and customs documents are processed, they are transferred to the fastest and safest way.

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