Iran International Shipping and Document Delivery
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İran Yurtdışı Kargo ve Evrak Gönderimi

Iran International Shipping and Document Delivery

Fast Express is an international shipping company that delivers your cargo in a fast and reliable way to the specified address in Iran with Express air cargo service. There are two options in international air cargo services: Express cargo service and Economic cargo service. If your cargo is important in terms of time, Express service should be your priority. Iran offers fast solutions for your document shipments. This service is one of the fastest services provided by the airline.

Nowadays, most of the companies cannot help their customers in Iranian cargo service due to the embargo in Iran. However, our company is very effective in terms of airway cargo to Iran to show you the necessary care to provide you with the service you want. As in other international cargo shipments, Iranian cargo service provides fast and safe delivery. your cargo Iran offers to the customers' satisfaction by giving importance to the satisfaction of the sender until the recipient always keeping ahead professionally with Fast Express Overseas squad Shipping as well as all the world Overseas door to door to Iranian cargo service from all the cities valuable customers Turkey with all the privileges with the same sensitivity.

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International Shipping Prices

Fast Express Overseas Cargo, International cargo transportation experience, our company with Iranian air cargo shipments transferred to the security and delivery of the mission as the delivery itself has been adopted.İran document shipments in this sense, taking into account many factors in our company to make the maximum effort to ensure the safety of Iranian cargo . Our company, which works meticulously about delivering the cargo on time as much as it attaches to security, is known for its successful delivery history that it has drawn up to date in Iranian cargo operations.

In addition, our company shows the same attention and care to all its individual and corporate customers receiving contact in every stage of communication. In summary, our discipline and working principles in our Iranian cargo service are applied at the same level in all levels of the process.

Asian Customs Laws apply to Iran on the Asian continent. Companies wishing to benefit from the Iranian air cargo service should have information about Iran Customs Laws. With Iran Air Cargo, envelopes to Iran, documents and documents to Iran, packages to Iran, parcels to Iran, export products can be delivered, while import products can be delivered. Delivery is available to all cities in Iran. Iran Air Cargo pricing is different from other transportation services (such as highway, seaway etc.).

Fast Express, which exhibits a healthy transportation with its service options and experienced staff, is an organization that fulfills the requirements of international air cargo service to Iran and follows its business in the best way.

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Thanks to our Iranian Air Cargo service, we deliver all kinds of shipments you want to send quickly and smoothly. Iran Air Cargo service is provided with advanced airports such as Mehrabad, Tabriz, Imam Khomeini. In this context, both Iranian Cargo and many other personal or commercial cargoes are being analyzed quickly.

As we mentioned for Iranian express cargo, there is more than one service in export and exporters should export them with the most accurate service. It should not be forgotten that it is possible to take part in this market and to ensure permanence by reaching customers as soon as possible. In this regard, the use of Airfreight Cargo will ensure the persistence of exporters in the market.

We are pleased to work to ensure that your Iranian cargo shipments reach their destination at full speed and without risk.

Iran International Shipping Document Delivery

Iran Some of the cities where we do the overseas cargo and iran document delivery;

Tehran cargo, Tabriz cargo, Meshed cargo, Ishafan cargo, Ardabil cargo, Rasht cargo, Zencan cargo, Shiraz cargo, Hamedan cargo, Amul cargo, Yellow cargo, Gurgan cargo, Sahrud cargo, Kashan cargo, Erak cargo, Sand cargo, Kirmanşah cargo We provide convenience and reliable service to our customers with our express and cheap services to many points like Ahwaz and Ahwaz cargo.

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List of products that can be imported by Iran:

Imported rice, wheat, frozen and heavy red meat, hot and light red meat, chicken meat, eggs, soybean meal, corn, barley, essential animal drugs, various chemical fertilizers, toxic chemical drugs, various seeds, raw sugar, semi-solid and liquid edible oils, crude oils, various oil seeds, pharmaceutical and necessary medical equipment, heavy tires, paper for printing, newspaper paper, paper pulp, foreign dry tea, equipment and machinery necessary for the production of basic products, lentils, chickpeas, covering various kidney beans legumes.

You can contact us for the products you want to send air cargo to Iran, you can get more detailed and healthy information. You can contact us at or e-mail: [email protected] or you can contact us via 0212 541 4410 Istanbul Overseas Cargo agency phone or 0232 4251202-05 Izmir Overseas Cargo agency phone.

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