Overseas cargo companies

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Overseas cargo companies

Fast Express Cargo is your address to send your exported goods, souvenirs, products, documents, documents in the safest and fastest way with our international cargo service. Your cargo that you want to be sent for individual personal purposes or your cargo that you want to be sent for the needs of your business for commercial purposes or your official (documents, documents, etc.) cargo is sent to Izmir from Izmir to many destinations in the world, or from foreign countries to Izmir, in the fastest and easiest way. Regardless of the reason for sending, you can send it to any country / region you want, regardless of distance conditions or distance, with the fastest and safest methods. The fastest shipping method used by overseas cargo companies is cargo shipment by plane. You can send your shipment at normal speed or at a very urgent delivery speed. Fast Express Cargo, working with global international well-known overseas cargo companies serving in our country; When you send cargo from Izmir to any country abroad, or when you bring cargo to Izmir from a foreign country, the processes such as getting a price offer from each foreign cargo company separately, getting information about the delivery, costs and delivery from cargo branches are timely. It eliminates the problem without causing it. Fast express Cargo is the company with which you can handle these difficult processes in the cheapest and easiest way.

You can review our website or contact us to get information about international shipping charges. The software system of our calculation tool can display standard pricing for cargoes up to 30 kilograms. Ask us for a special price for your cargo over 30 kilograms. You can reach us from the communication section for your shipments over 30 kilograms. All your overseas cargo companies Izmir shipments are delivered with the international cargo companies that we have a contract. After your online cargo order, our customer consultants will contact you and inform you about the cargo operations without any problems or delays. With the cargo tracking number you will receive from the system, your cargo will be notified when the transfer starts, and you will be able to track it online. You can send all your cargo such as goods, goods, gifts, products, documents, documents, equipment with our delivery times of a few days.

Overseas cargo companies Our fees are very economical in our company, which operates professionally in Izmir. There are constantly up-to-date international cargo campaigns among overseas cargo companies. Your shipment, which you want to carry out international cargo, is received from your address in the city where you are located throughout Turkey, especially in Izmir, and it is transferred on the same day and shipped abroad. Or, cargo can be received from any country abroad to your address in the city you are located throughout Turkey, especially in Izmir. International cargo transportation times may vary due to reasons such as special country reasons, holidays and remote area delivery.

In addition to normal international cargo shipments, Izmir air cargo service is used for the timely delivery of equipment, products, goods or documents to be sent abroad with the fastest Express cargo, to reach the recipient within a few days. From one end of the world to the other, you can easily trust us when it comes to international cargo companies from the country you want to the region you want. Delivery of equipment, products or goods or important documents that need to be sent in an emergency is made in the fastest and safest way. E.g; important documents, invoices, poster flyers and brochures, emergency fair materials, gift and greeting cards, invitations, forgotten or missing factory production materials, promotions, machine spare parts, bulletins... International shipping from all countries of the world to other countries From the moment your shipments are delivered to us or received by us, they are safely planned and taken into the transport process and transported to the country to be delivered in the fastest and safest way. It is one of the principles of Fast Express Cargo to be the fastest in the process, planning, paperwork and customs processes of your international cargo solutions and to ensure timely transportation with the most care. You can trust us until the end when delivering the transportation works of your company in this regard.

Izmir is a beautiful province and the third most populous city in Turkey. According to 2018 TUIK data, the population of İzmir is 4,320,519. It is said that the current population of İzmir exceeds 5 or 6 million. Izmir is located at the beginning of a long and narrow bay surrounded by yachts and ships. There are palm trees, date palm trees and wide streets along the beach. Located in the west of the Anatolian Peninsula, in the middle of the Aegean Region and around the Izmir Bay, the city is an important fair center and port city that organizes the Izmir International Fair every year. Gediz, Küçük Menderes and Bakırçay, which are among the important rivers of the Aegean Region, flow within the province of İzmir. Other small streams include Güzelhisar Stream and Meles Stream. It is the twenty-third largest province of the country in terms of area. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea and Aegean Islands in the west, Aydın in the south, Balıkesir in the north and Manisa in the east. In the west of İzmir lies the Urla Peninsula with its sea, beaches and thermal centers. Izmir Port is Turkey's seventh largest port. The surface area of İzmir is 11,891 km2. Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of Antiquity, was one of the largest cities in the world during the Roman imperial period. Ephesus, which embodies the richness of all Ionian culture, was also making a name for itself with intense artistic activities. For this purpose, this city was called "Beautiful Izmir", "Old Izmir" and "la Perle de l'Ionie" (Pearl of Ionia). There is no significant lake in the province. Among the water bodies that can be counted as lakes, the biggest ones are Gölcük Lake, Belevi Lake, Çakalboğaz Lakes and Karagöl. It is a province in the westernmost part of the Republic of Turkey, with a coast on the Aegean Sea. It is adjacent to Balıkesir in the north, Manisa in the east, and Aydın in the south. Directly opposite the Dikili district is the province of Lesbos in the geographical region of the Northern Aegean Islands of Greece, and the city of Lesbos, which is the administrative center of both the province and the geographical region. The province is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate in terms of vegetation. There are many types of Mediterranean plants. There are maquis plants in places where forests have disappeared for centuries due to overgrazing, fire and field clearing. The maquis flora includes drought-resistant trees such as juniper, holly, kermes oak, olive, hackberry, gum, maple, rosary, gorse. Forests cover an area of 475,779 hectares within the province. The area covered by forests is 40% of the provincial land.

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International cargo must comply with the customs legislation of the opposite country. After the shipment you send within the borders of the country is collected from the foreign country, security and customs controls are provided and sent in accordance with the laws and customs legislation of the country where it is located. Your cargo coming from abroad to your country first goes through customs and security controls at the airport where it enters your country. If your cargo is documented, there is no question within the scope of the document and it complies with the shipping standards, it is usually delivered for distribution without any problems at the customs. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices, www.fast-express.com/tr/campaign/
You can send international cargo with payment at the door from abroad to your own country or from your home country to a country abroad. It is very easy to send international cargo with payment at the door. By contacting Fast Express, you can specify that the shipment you want to send is paid at the door, and you can make the transactions accordingly. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices, www.fast-express.com/tr/campaign/
International cargo shipments are exempt from VAT and are within the scope of the exception. VAT will not be paid separately for the related billing payments, and taxes may occur abroad for the package. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices, www.fast-express.com/tr/campaign/
The customs process in international cargo shipments is determined according to the legal country procedures applied by the customs of the recipient and the destination country of the delivery. Since the relevant transport company cannot directly intervene in the time and transactions in the customs processes, transactions are made in line with the customer's own customs officer or in person. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices, www.fast-express.com/tr/campaign/
In order for you to send your cargo going abroad from your city in the cheapest way, your cargo company should be asked whether the destination region is an affordable region. The cargo package to be sent should be sturdy but economical in order to avoid overcharges. Information should be obtained from the cargo company about whether the price is suitable for delivery to the closest contracted agency to your location. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices, www.fast-express.com/tr/campaign/