Iran Overseas Cargo

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Iran Overseas Cargo

Iran International Cargo Shipping

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Iran is one of the most important border neighbors with which Turkey has established various cooperation in the fields of economy and foreign trade. As a result of promoting foreign trade and planning strategies between countries, Turkey-Iran international cargo service is needed for both commercial and personal reasons. You can easily send cargo from Turkey to any city in Iran with Fast Express. The packaging, packaging or packing of your products that you will send abroad is done carefully and delivered to the desired destination in the fastest way possible. Thanks to Fast Express's international cargo service to Iran, you can easily track the status of the products you will send and receive consultancy service when necessary. Fast Express, with its international cargo transportation experience and quality service principle, offers the transfer process in the most appropriate way to the preferences of its customers.

What are the products you can send with Iran International Cargo?

You can send cargo to Iran with the most affordable price options. Export products, souvenirs, various parcels, care and cosmetic products, books, magazines, documents and documents, household goods, electronic products and devices, clothing and textile products, furniture, office goods, medical devices and a wide variety of equipment are examples of some of these products. can be given as

There are some issues that you need to pay attention to in order not to have any problems while taking Turkey-Iran international cargo transportation service. First of all, in the process of sending international cargo to Iran, you should get information about whether the features of the products you want to send comply with the customs rules of that country and follow the necessary rules. All harmful substances, animals, chemical or biological products whose structure may be deformed, checks and bills, valuable jewelery items, products containing inappropriate pictures and visuals, food and beverages that may deteriorate or cause bad odor, and all other products that may endanger security are shipped abroad. Examples of products that cannot be shipped can be given as examples. In case the product to be sent complies with the customs rules, your necessary documents related to tax and customs processes are processed immediately and arrangements are made for the fastest delivery of your products.

What can be sent with Iran Overseas Cargo?

Economic Iran International Cargo Prices

Fast Express offers you the best price options for international cargo shipping to Iran. There are some criteria that are taken into account when calculating the Iran international cargo price. First of all, the product you want to send is packaged in the most appropriate way so that its structure is not damaged. Then the volume of this package and the weight of the package are calculated. The width, length and height of the package are measured in centimeters and multiplied by each other. The volume of the package obtained as a result of the multiplication is divided by 5000. Thus, the price is determined according to the volume of your package. At the same time, the weight ratio of your package is also taken into account. The package is weighed and its weight is calculated in kilograms. As a result, the prices of cargo packages to be sent abroad are determined according to the weight and volume of the package, and the most suitable price options are offered.

You can transfer your products in the fastest way thanks to Fast Express, which offers an extremely reliable system by giving importance to the satisfaction of its customers with Turkey-Iran international cargo service. At the same time, with the international cargo tracking number that our technological infrastructure will offer you, you will have the opportunity to follow up the necessary controls and international cargo to Iran from the moment you deliver your package to the delivery at any time. In line with our understanding of quality service, you can reach the most accurate packaging solutions, you can trust that no damage will come to your products, and you can deliver your cargo to the region you want to send with the most affordable price options.

Iran express cargo services are much faster, economical and safer with Fast Express. You can contact us immediately for Turkey-Iran international cargo service.

Iran Overseas Cargo Companies

Iran International Cargo Calculation

Your export goods with a weight capacity of up to 150 kg and a price of up to 7500 Euros are included in the scope of micro export. It is included in the category of paid export. You can also arrange these paid exports with customs consultancy firms and make your customs declaration transactions. However, these customs consultancy firms cannot issue Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration. With Fast Express Cargo, which has the authority to send Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration, you can easily and quickly resolve your international cargo shipment transactions.

Iran International Cargo Calculation

Iran Overseas Cargo Tracking

Whether the product to be transported as an international shipment complies with the International Transport rules must be learned by contacting our customer relations departments from the telephone numbers in the contact section of our website. Otherwise, undesirable situations may occur regarding the payment made and the cargo sent while trying to send cargo with an appropriate fee. Fast Express Cargo is in partnership with important companies that have a distribution network and safe transportation system in every region of the world from your city, and aims to be the fastest cargo company in Iran international cargo services. Shipments you want to be shipped abroad; From the moment we receive it, it is protected in the most secure way and starts the transfer process. After going through the registration stage, it is processed in our tracking system. You can track your shipment with all its stages in this international cargo tracking system for the fastest international shipping. You can easily observe the stages in the fastest way until the time of delivery.

Iran Overseas Cargo Tracking

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You can send international cargo with payment at the door from abroad to your own country or from your home country to a country abroad. It is very easy to send international cargo with payment at the door. By contacting Fast Express, you can specify that the shipment you want to send is paid at the door, and you can make the transactions accordingly. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
International cargo shipments are exempt from VAT and are within the scope of the exception. VAT will not be paid separately for the related billing payments, and taxes may occur abroad for the package. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The customs process in international cargo shipments is determined according to the legal country procedures applied by the customs of the recipient and the destination country of the delivery. Since the relevant transport company cannot directly intervene in the time and transactions in the customs processes, transactions are made in line with the customer's own customs officer or in person. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
In order for you to send your cargo going abroad from your city in the cheapest way, your cargo company should be asked whether the destination region is an affordable region. The cargo package to be sent should be sturdy but economical in order to avoid overcharges. Information should be obtained from the cargo company about whether the price is suitable for delivery to the closest contracted agency to your location. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,