International cargo technological products

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International cargo technological products

With the developing technology and the globalizing world market, the need for international cargo technological products service from many parts of the world, including Asia, arises. The world market of all electronic devices has a wide audience and these electronic products must be transported to every part of the world in accordance with the standards. At this stage, Fast Express Cargo comes into play. In accordance with the transportation standards, electronic cargo can be transported to the country you want in the safest way.

All stages of your electronic devices and technological products that you want to send from a city of your country to a different country in the world, from receiving, loading, storing, sending by plane to delivery at the destination, are provided in a safe and fast way.

What are international cargo technological products?

All electronic and technological products that we use in many areas during the day are easily sent abroad. Computer, Home Appliances, mobile phone, toaster, refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, food processor, extractor fan, iron, oven, mixer, home theater systems, radio, projector, smart board, microscope, overhead projector, washing machine, vacuum cleaner , hair dryer, electric shaver, technological products used in hospitals, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, x-ray devices, ultrasound devices, digital imaging devices, MR devices, laser devices, glucose meter, dialysis device, white goods, tomography, hearing aid , all transportation vehicles such as airplanes, trains, trains, ships, yachts, buses, internet and network systems, fax, headset, powerbank, clock, smart bracelet, speaker, camera, navigation, printers, light and display systems, electronic cigarettes, bank and ATM systems, Industrial systems, cnc turning tools, deep freezer, lamps, water heaters, photography… all technological products that you can think of, such as bulk or retail shipping abroad It can be easily transported to the desired country.

How to send international cargo technological products

Electronic devices and technological products are often costly, sensitive shipments. It must be transported meticulously in terms of damage, and must be loaded and delivered in a safe and healthy manner. Your technological products should be transported in special boxes and packages in order to be kept under the desired conditions from the moment they are received from the city of the country you are in. Necessary labels and notifications are applied on it and it is sent from your location to the country you want it to be sent.

Prices for sending international cargo technological products

The calculation of your technological devices and cargo to be transported from the country where the shipment will be received to the country to which it is to be sent is available on our website. After entering the weight, volume, etc. information of the electronic product you will send, selecting the country to be sent and received, you can access the desired results by using the calculation tool. You can get detailed information about the subject by contacting us from the communication section of our website and our phone numbers, by meeting with our customer representatives. Fee for sending international cargo technological products; It varies according to the transportation conditions, size, shape and weight of the shipment you want to send. Fast Express Cargo provides you the most affordable service as well as the safest way to transport technological products.

International shipping of technological products

All your electronic devices and technological products cargo shipments for individual purposes or for your businesses are made with Fast Express Cargo in the fastest, most reliable and most affordable way. Fast Express Cargo is the most cost-effective, most convenient and safest shipping option in terms of shipping options and alternatives for your international cargo technological product shipments. If you would like to send your products abroad in bulk, a special discount is provided with the agreement reached as a result of the meeting with your business by contacting together. To make an agreement, you can immediately contact our information in the contact section of our website. Your international cargo shipments are carefully prepared, packaged, safely preserved and stored by Fast Express cargo. It is delivered in the safest way. Since airlines are generally preferred, shipping is provided by plane. You can always rely on our company, which always keeps customer satisfaction at the top, and our flexible solutions and expertise for the needs of the electronics and technology sector to move abroad.

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When calculating international cargo shipments, pricing is made by taking into account the volume occupied by the package or the weight of the package, whichever is higher. While calculating the volume, the width x height x height dimensions are multiplied in cm and divided by the volume calculation figure, which is 5000. For the relevant parcel or package, its own kilogram weight is also weighed, whichever is greater, taking this weight into account, pricing is made over the relevant figure. When calculating the international cargo prices, the weight of the package to be sent and the volume weight according to the volume it covers, whichever is greater, is priced over this weight, and the payment is made based on the weight and the number corresponding to the country by looking at the country list of the destination country. The economical size of the package will make the package price come out with less freight. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
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