Cheapest International Shipping

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Cheapest International Shipping

In addition to fast and safe transportation, reducing costs is one of the most important factors in sending cargo abroad. Warehouse method and cargo delivery are the main issues to be considered in companies exporting abroad or in e-commerce systems. If a successful management is carried out in the cargo and storage department, you can manage this process for many years without any problems and provide quality service to your customers.

How Is International Cargo Provided The Cheapest?

The main factors affecting the shipping prices abroad are the size of the product you will send, the weight of the product and the region of the world where the shipment is made.

First of all, product dimensions are one of the cheapest shipping strategies in international cargo shipping. The size and weight of the products you sell and the goods you export have an important place in terms of costs. These costs also determine the costs of your products. If you are going to send products abroad, if you do not consider the cheapest international cargo shipping fee for these cost calculations, you run the risk of losing money. While planning the cost of the product you sell and the goods you will export, it is important that you minimize and minimize the international shipping costs.

Cheapest International Shipping

Another method of making your international cargo the cheapest is packaging. When a wrong and careless packaging goes to the customer, it will create dissatisfaction and create a trust problem. It also affects shipping costs to a large extent.

Fast Express Cargo provides you with the "cheapest" support as well as safe and fast transportation in your international cargo services. You can contact us to get the best prices from Turkey to more than 200 other countries, every region and every continent. If you are sending bulk international cargo, special discounts and discounts are applied upon agreement. If you want to send cheap cargo abroad at an affordable price, you can enter our website immediately. After you enter the information about the cargo in the forms on our website, the information you enter is evaluated by us and the cheapest international cargo calculations are made for you. With our cargo tracking system that we are working on and keeping up to date, you can see the stage of the products you send abroad and where they are step by step until they are delivered to the buyer. Delivery time is usually between 3 and 7 working days. You can call Fast Express Cargo to send the cheapest cargo abroad with easy and low costs, without putting an extra workload on our customers.

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If you want to send bulk international cargo, special discounts are provided to you. You can contact us immediately to make a deal. All your international cargoes for corporate or individual purposes are provided by Fast Express Cargo in the fastest and most affordable way. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
Fast shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipient in any part of the world abroad or that are not accepted by the recipient to whom you send your cargo are returned to you for a fee. The return shipping cost of international fast shipping will be invoiced to you as a return fee, that is, to the sender. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The shipping limit on the basis of samples abroad is 150 kg for a single bill of lading. On the basis of ETGB / Micro Export abroad, the shipping limit is 300 kg for a single bill of lading. There is no kilogram limit for declarations abroad. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
First of all, you need to contact us after you have your shipment ready. It is sufficient to deliver your shipment to the courier that comes with the documents we will send to you. We can help you in this regard with our most advantageous prices. Check out our campaign prices
Products arriving in Turkey enter the Turkish customs from Istanbul. If the products inspected by the customs are accepted as samples, they are released by the customs and delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to the address. In the products coming for the companies, it should be stated that there is 1 piece of the material as a sample and that it comes as a sample. For products that need to be processed by the customs, they can be included in the scope of ETGB and the application in this regard should be made to your cargo company to be forwarded to the customs. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
First of all, you need to inform us from where your shipment will be received in the other country and where it will arrive here. Recipient and sender information, material content information must be complete. Your collection will be organized if you inform us when these details are ready. The required documents will be prepared together with our customer support staff. Then your package will reach you. Check out our campaign prices