Wie schicke ich Fracht in den Iran?
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How to Send Cargo to Iran?

Iran is one of the big countries in the Asian continent. It played an important role in world trade with its history dating back to 4000 BC. With its geography, Iran contributes to the economy of the country with its oil and other energy resources. It lifts its economy with its population and companies of around 80 million. Especially important trade relations with Turkey. Our border neighborhood with Iran and many partnerships improve relations between the two countries. There is a positive atmosphere when it comes to Turkish goods in Iran.

The rules created in the transport sector should be identified and developed trade relations between Turkey and Iran is the most important point to determine a positive or negative way. Fast express solves the problems by determining the negative aspects of cargo shipping to Iran and provides the fastest and safest way of shipping. Our company's biggest goal is to deliver the products of the manufacturers and personal belongings to Iran cargo shipments. Our company, which improves its services in this direction, offers the best cargo services to Iran and internationally.

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Document Submission to Iran

Fast Express is one of the most important concerns in shipping cargo to Iran is speed, trust and price in document delivery. Your private company files, documents and documents are delivered to your recipient's door in Iran, especially in cargo shipping, where security is at the forefront. Your documents sent by cargo are delivered to your door by our couriers after they pass through customs.

Today, private and state institutions send your documents and files with international cargo service. We give you a cargo tracking number for all your confidential or normal cargo shipments. You can track every movement of your cargo with this cargo tracking number. After your cargo is received from you, we inform you by e-mail or message until it reaches its recipient.

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Shipping Package to Iran

Cargo packages come from all over the world in Iran in countless ways. In particular, Turkey, China, comes very much from Asian countries and other countries. Due to the embargo, the American and European countries make general trade in Iran from these countries due to their attitude towards Iran. It has significant trade especially with its neighbors. As a result of these commercial relations, companies and citizens send cargo between both countries. We send whatever the content of the cargo packages. Despite rising prices most reasonable price, our company policy was followed by Iran and Turkey, we are sending cargo between Iran and the world.

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Iran Discounted Shipping Prices

Shipping to Iran has become difficult due to embargoes. However, fast express still provides cargo shipping service despite all kinds of embargo in shipping to Iran. Despite the increasing prices, especially in recent years, our company offers the most affordable cargo with the campaign prices. You can send it to Iran by taking advantage of our discounted and promotional prices. For our campaign prices, you can send cargo after filling in the necessary information on our https://www.fast-express.com/tr/kampanya/ page. Our campaign page to send cargo from Turkey to Iran from another country or Iran is very easy. You can send your cargo in 2-3 steps. Our company, which offers the most affordable prices in the market, works hard to prevent any damage to your cargo packages. Fast Express; We offer professional services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of perfect service in Overseas Cargo, International document, package transportation and distribution and quality service understanding.

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