What is sent with International Cargo?

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What is sent with International Cargo?

Air cargo transportation has been positively affected by the diversity of supply and demand around the world, with the introduction of motor vehicles into human life at the beginning of the nineteenth century and its development in the following 100 years, and with the increase in the power ranges of the aircraft making the transport, airlines have become able to direct the trade. It has become easy to transport all kinds of perishable food etc. products and has led to many sectors being positively affected. Air cargo has become an indispensable sector, even if oil prices, which adversely affect air transportation, have negative effects on the prices of the products transported periodically.
As a FAST EXPRESS international cargo company, our main principles are:
Being economical: In today's high competition, businesses want to use their resources in the most economical way. Attention should be paid to the fact that it is economical in international cargo and, in parallel, to save time and cost.
Achieving standards: As a result of the increase in globalization, the world has become a single market and this has made it necessary to increase international standards in the air transportation sector. In order for cargo activities to be carried out in the same quality in every country and for the concept of international transportation to function fully, equipment and information technologies must be close to the standards.
Adequacy on demand: Providing sufficient support to the customer is of vital importance in cargo operations. In order to be competent, all functions of the enterprise must have sufficient power in logistics activities.
Being lean: In all areas of cargo transportation, simplicity should be taken as a basis rather than complex formations. Simplicity increases intelligibility.
Traceability: Cargo activities should always occur in parallel with technology. With today's technology, it will be possible to monitor all cargo operations in the most accurate way in terms of quantity, situation, time and place.
If the cargoes are to be separated as a class:

General Cargo Class Products

This name is given to dry and clean cargo that does not require a special service or storage, and does not fall into the category of dangerous goods, perishable foods or animals.

Special cargo Class Products

Special cargoes are those that require special handling during transportation and storage, and these cargoes are accepted, labeled, loaded and stacked according to a special rule in order to be transported.

Special Cargoes include:

Dangerous materials

It is the name given to cargoes that require special rules for transportation and acceptance, labeling, loading and stacking of the cargo due to their physical and chemical structures.
Their physical properties can be grouped under three headings: Solid, Liquid (Liquid), Gas.
Chemical properties: Corrosive, flammable, poisonous, polymeric, oxidized explosive and radiant

Live Animals

Live animal groups are the priority cargoes in the shipment process as they are within the scope of Very Important Cargo. It should be checked whether the destination country and the carrier have restrictions for that cargo, and whether the applicable embargoes affect the relevant cargo. The carrier shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the animal's inability to withstand unavoidable, variable, physical environment and conditions in flight, suffocation, injury by other animals or self-harm.

Heavy and Abnormal Size Cargoes

Items that weigh 150 kilos or more are processed through this class and rules. In the acceptance of heavy and abnormally sized cargo, the cargo officer must ensure that they can be loaded according to the types of aircraft to be used in various sectors until the destination of the shipment. It is unacceptable to transport heavy and abnormally sized cargoes that may damage the aircraft during loading, unloading and stowing of cargoes in this class. In order to notify the recipients of these accepted cargoes, they must always be sent with reservation and also a preliminary notification letter must be sent. Accepted shipments are placed on the cargo hold floor, if the weight per square meter violates the aircraft hold's traction, the center of gravity is distributed with the thick muscles to be laid underneath. Other cargo and passenger luggage are placed on them and next to them after they are placed in such a way that they cannot move. In addition, heavy loads must be tied to ensure the safety of the aircraft and passengers.

If you are exporting from Turkey to other countries, if you are selling products on the internet, if you need to send documents for various reasons, if you want to send gifts to your friends in other countries abroad, the most reliable and most affordable international cargo delivery is made with Fast Express Cargo. However, some conditions, some laws or some country procedures create the question of " what can be sent abroad by cargo ".

Which Products Are Sent Abroad by Cargo?

Products that can be sent abroad by cargo ; export products, Exhibition equipment and exhibition equipment, Food products, documents, printed products, company and office documents, office items, Clothing and textile products, cosmetic products, accessory parts, jewelery products, accessories, books, magazines and notebooks, household appliances, furniture, car parts, fitness exercise equipment, engine aircraft or boat parts, tires, plastic products, toys, lighting products, document documents, candles, samples, computers, wallpapers and blinds products, glass metal containers, computer products and photocopy papers , printed paper products, play and hobby products, lawn garden equipment, building materials, windows, catalogs and brochures, televisions, radios, power tools, baby products, framed goods, hats, plastic containers, boxes, bottles, bags, electronic products and accessories, medical equipment and supplies, craft items, display cases, pet items, long bars, unbreakable home decor sports equipment and equipment, consumer electronics, shipping materials, glasses and supplies, paper and plastic materials, musical instruments, storage boxes, hardware and bulky items, health and beauty care supplies, heaters and coolers, batteries…
And parcels, packages, sacks, chests, etc., other than the items listed below. All shipments that comply with transport standards can be sent abroad by cargo.

Generally, those who cannot send cargo abroad; Unpackaged open shipments, drugs such as pills, cocaine, marijuana, bonsai, explosive and flammable materials, all kinds of animals, alive or dead, products that can damage postal shipments, heavy, sharp items in thin packaging that can tear the packaging, perishable biological products, morality on morality. Products with disruptive sign pictograms, products with infringing sign pictograms, human organs or funerals, checks, bills or cash, valuables, jewelry, gold and silver etc. stones, firearms, perishable meat or dairy products, chicken products , intestinal rawhide, kitchen oils, eggs, large materials that are difficult to transport, cleaning products (liquid detergents, etc.), perishable chemical products, plastic and oil paints, shipments with a strong smell of garlic, onion or spicy and which can absorb the odor of other products, tobacco and tobacco products, Penetrating tape that will damage other posts with pointed ends that are not closed with gussets rgos…

Cheapest Shipping Abroad

However, there are products that will be sent abroad by cargo under certain conditions. These are the shipments that will be accepted if both Fast Express Cargo, the sender and the recipient accept the responsibility. These responsibilities are also eliminated when the packaging phase is done safely. Furniture, non-perishable foodstuffs, glass or mirror products, small household appliances and goods, medical supplies, hardware materials, automobile equipment, automobile parts, construction equipment, printing materials, batteries that have been completely emptied of the liquid inside and put in robust packaging, solutions, All products and goods such as carpet fabric products, cold products, household goods… are transported abroad under certain conditions or with certain agreements.

In the communiqué dated March 4, 2020 and numbered 31058 published in the Official Gazette, a maximum of 50 (fifty) masks may be used, provided that the products named mask and overalls are sent abroad for sample purposes, provided that the relevant product is sent by post or fast cargo and the invoice or package contains the phrase "Sample". It has been reported that it is possible to meet the export demands for a maximum of 10 (ten) ) pieces and overalls. We would like to inform you that the controls on the shipments are still ongoing and if the above-mentioned limits are exceeded, your shipments will be stopped and subject to legal action.
Gifts can be sent abroad by courier. Gift products to be sent must be delivered with their invoices and payment receipts and must be specified separately on the proforma to be created. When specifying the contents, it should be stated on the proforma that it was sent as a gift to the person or company.
For olive oil shipments going abroad, the packaging must be done securely against breakage and leakage. The msds form, which will be supplied from the company where the oil is purchased, should also be delivered with the package.
In order to be able to send medicine abroad, it is necessary to submit the prescription prepared to the person who will receive the medicine, the English leaflet of the medicine and the reason for sending the medicine to the customs in English. A doctor's report, health report and other documents may be requested from customs for the buyer abroad. It is not forbidden to send medicine abroad. It is requested that the foreign customs procedures are strict in this regard, the doctor's report of the buyer, prescription, social health information and the reasons for using drugs.
For the telephone that will go abroad, the invoice of the relevant telephone must be delivered by telephone. Depending on the invoice amount, the buyer may be taxed at the customs. For the battery of the phone to be sent, the battery form provided by our cargo company is filled and a proforma invoice is prepared together with these documents and the package is sent abroad.

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