Trendyol International Product Shipment

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Trendyol International Product Shipment

Important note:
Your Trendyol purchases can be sent to your addresses abroad via FAST EXPRESS as address delivery. Invoice recipient name of the purchase you will make
It would be appropriate to have the same name as the person who will receive the package abroad. Please indicate your shopping address so that your shopping will be directed to 1419 Sokak No: 18-20 A Kahmaranlar 35230 Konak -İZMİR, our central address where aircraft shipments are made. In line with the information received from the foreign buyer, the trendyol package that comes to our head office is delivered to their address quickly by loading the plane together with the invoice. Buyer information is obtained from our whatsapp number 05338106364, which is our whatsapp number.

Trendyol provides great convenience in sending products abroad in this period when it has become quite easy to send products abroad. In addition to international cargo companies, domestic cargo companies also provide a great advantage in sending products abroad. Since each company's shipping standards, shipping time and pricing are different, it is necessary to conduct a reliable cargo research. In cooperation with Trendyol, Fast Express is one of the best international cargo companies for international product shipment. Among the advantages of sending products abroad with Fast xpress are:
• You can spend more time on your business because it provides reliable service.
• Since it offers ease of communication, you can easily access all kinds of information by cargo.
• Regardless of the size of your shipment, you can instantly access competitive prices.
• Instead of talking to many companies about products and services for international shipping, you can only deal with one company.
• You can easily make all kinds of shipments with economical international fees and convenient payment terms.
Delivery time for Trendyol international product shipping varies between 2 days and 2 months. Among the factors that determine this period are the volume of the shipment to be transported, where it will go and how it will be sent. When sending cargo abroad, it is a question of how long it will be sent. It should be taken into account that the outgoing cargo can be delivered in 1 day or in 60 days. In addition, it is necessary to send by calculating that the delivery time may be extended due to customs conditions.

Trendyol International Cargo

Trendyol, which has a significant sales revenue in many categories from cosmetics to electrical appliances, has been sending products to Europe since 2020. Trendyol offers international cargo service to 27 countries including England, Italy, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands. Trendyol, Turkey's most popular online e-commerce platform, sends products to many parts of the world in cooperation with Fast Express, the best international cargo company. Spain, the country of world-famous clothing brands, especially Italy, where the heart of fashion beats, is among the countries served. Trendyol international cargo delivers your cargo in every corner of Turkey to addresses abroad with low fees and high security. With Trendyol, which comes to mind first when it comes to online e-commerce shopping site, you can send your personal cargo or commercial cargo to addresses abroad.
In order for your products to reach potential buyers, it will be in your favor to deliver them to both domestic and foreign regions. With the support it offers to entrepreneurs, Fast Eksress, which has signed numerous projects and collaborations to date, enables the ability to easily send products on Trendyol international cargo. No matter which part of Turkey you are in, you can quickly and easily deliver your products to countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Whether you are a company with a low annual sales volume or an individual sale with a low budget, all your products and services are delivered to different parts of the world with the assurance of Trendyol international cargo.
Fast Express overseas cargo firm, which has been carrying out a comprehensive study for a long time, undertakes not only e-sales but also cargo services of large exporting companies. These services are provided with economical shipping charges. Trendyol overseas cargo delivers cargo to all over the world with its more than 10 years of experience and knowledge, as well as its well-equipped infrastructure. If you wish, as an online e-commerce entrepreneur, you can easily reach potential buyers in different parts of the world by taking them to higher levels with the Trendyol international cargo service provided by Fast Express.

Trendyol International Shipping Fee

Founded in 2010 by the successful female entrepreneur Demet Suzan Mutlu, Trendyol received investment from the US-based investment company Tiger Global in a limited time of 6 months. Trendyol, which made a name for itself in the global market with this move, had a great impact in the international market. Today, Trendyol, which sends many products from electronics to clothing, from furniture to jewelery all over the world, provides economical service with its overseas cargo Fast Express partnership.
Trendyol international shipping fee varies according to the international cargo company with which it is contracted. All e-commerce companies must make an agreement with the overseas cargo company when sending products abroad. In this respect, it is seen that the price policy of the cargo company is reflected in the fees. Collaborating with Trendyol in the international shipping channel, Fast Ekpress is the company with the most affordable and economical international shipping rates in Turkey. In addition, the products are delivered to the desired address abroad in an insured manner and in specially protected packages.
There is a certain customs limit for non-commercial individual international purchases. The value of the product that will be delivered to you by various cargo companies cannot exceed 1500 Euros. A gross weight of more than 30 kilograms is not accepted. As an individual entrepreneur who wants to export to the overseas cargo market, you can send 0.5 kg or 20 kg with companies that provide global international cargo service.

Order Abroad from Trendyol

Trendyol, Turkey's most popular online e-commerce site with its wide range of products, provides services to many different countries in order to order abroad. Trendyol delivers products to many European countries. Trendyol currently ships to Germany, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Greece, Romania , Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Lithuania. People living in Germany can order reliably on Citizens living in different countries other than Germany can place an order by selecting the country on
Trendyol has its own clothing brand in the field of children's clothing as well as men's and women's clothing, and is a popular shopping site with its affordable price and material quality. Trendyol store offers discount coupons of some stores that you can get for a discount after meeting the special conditions requested by the stores. Trendyol does not ship directly abroad, but you can easily place your orders with Fast Express, which is Turkey's most reliable and offers international shipping to all over the world.
Go to in your web browser and log in. After creating a membership with the "Register" button, start enjoying both domestic and international shopping. After adding the product you want to buy to your cart, define your address. After paying for the product with a debit or credit card, your purchase will be confirmed. Some stores offer free shipping. It is also possible to shop more conveniently by shopping from these places.

Trendyol Overseas Shopping Cargo

Small or large-scale companies that have stores in Trendyol achieve very high sales figures through e-export. In addition, reaching target markets on this site is faster and easier than normal. Trendyol, one of the e-commerce companies that is always one step ahead in the international arena, is in the leading position among international shopping platforms. Trendyol is known to carry the e-commerce market to intercontinental countries. Trendyol overseas shopping market is very busy on special days, Lucky Friday and coupon discount days every year. With Fast Express cargo, Trendyol international shopping is carried out reliably and quickly. Thanks to attractive opportunities and campaigns, products of foreign origin are supplied more economically and quickly than expected.
Many people prefer to shop abroad in the field of clothing and electronic goods. The fact that foreign brands offer specific features and are unusual makes shopping more attractive. There are many online e-commerce shopping sites with different service networks on the internet for overseas shopping. But the idea of buying reliable products from a foreign country, which is miles away from Turkey, always leaves him in doubt. In this context, Trendyol, a partnership with Fast Express, which sends products to many parts of the world, comes into play. With customer satisfaction and corporate working discipline, Trendyol overseas shopping becomes reliable. In addition, the opportunities that offer ease of payment make it popular to shop abroad from this site.
The manufacturer's warranty may not always apply to products you order from Europe. If faulty, defective or damaged products are returned within 30 days after delivery, the entire amount you paid for the order will be sent back to your bank account. If you are returning a product for a consumer-related reason (for example, an accidental order), you must return it within 14 days, taking into account the business day from the day the product was delivered, to receive a full refund.

International Cargo Calculation from Trendyol

Trendyol shipping fee is important for Trendyol sellers. Because the price of the product sold is provided by the seller. The larger the volume of the product sold and if it is sent in large boxes, it may cause high figures as shipping costs. When a customer buys a product on Trendyol, Trendyol sends information about sending the product to the customer. This procedure is the same for domestic and international. If the customer is provided to send the product by cargo, there is no need to pay cash to the cargo company. Trendyol company makes the payment to the cargo company for you. In the process after the product is delivered to the customer's address, Trendyol transfers the remaining money to your account after deducting the shipping fee and commission fee paid for the product from the price of the product.
While Trendyol calculates cargo abroad, it is possible to calculate the cargo fee in desi or kilograms via the seller panel. Trendyol international shipping fee can be calculated on the screen opened under the "Shipping Transactions" link under the Order and Cargo title in the Trendyol seller panel.
When the width, height and height ratios of the product to be sent to the relevant places are written on the screen that opens, the system automatically calculates the shipping fee. Apart from the operations mentioned for Trendyol international cargo calculation, you can calculate the shipping fee manually by using the formula Width x Length x Height / 5000. In addition, it is possible to view how much shipping fee is charged to the products sent from the "Invoice Listing" link in the Trendyol seller panel Finance category.
When calculating Trendyol international cargo, it is revealed how much the cargo fee will be paid according to some criteria. These criteria can be expressed as follows:
• The country to which the cargo will be sent
• Country code where the cargo will be delivered
• Maximum weight of the cargo
• Most
• Size
• Height
• Desi
• Special Services
When sending cargo abroad, it should not be forgotten how binding the distance is on the shipping fee. For example, a shipping fee to Australia is expected to be higher than a shipping fee to Germany. When the cargo is sent abroad, information such as the stage of the cargo, where the transfers are made and when it will arrive are tracked by Fast Express. Information is sent to the sender or institution on a regular basis.

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