Shipping to Iran
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İran'a Kargo Gönderimi

Shipping to Iran

Located near the border with Turkey, Iran has a population of 82 million. A large part of the country lives in people of different religions and sects than the country that Muslims make up. Iranian culture with the culture of Turkey are close to each other countries. In every sector, millions of Turkish lira are exported and imported annually.

Each sector is made up of thousands of items of trade between Turkey and Iran. Despite the embargo did not interrupt trade relations between Turkey and Iran. commercial relations between Turkey and Iran in the same manner as in Iran despite the embargo continues to strengthen. However, due to the epidemics of covid 19 virus in recent years, all the countries of the world have been drawn to their shells. Iran is one of these countries. Closing the border crossing between Turkey and even Iran border was drawn with the whole world in its own shell. However, commercial relations continue.

İran'a Kargo Gönderimi

Which products between Iran and Turkey to Send?

a multi-product trade between Iran and Turkey due to the embargo on cargo submissions is prohibited. Because of the US embargo, although bordering on Turkey is not being sent and received for each product. Some of the products embargoed with the last statement of the ministry of commerce are as follows.

“The main import products of the country are automobiles (imports are banned after the announcement of the last sanctions by Iran), iron and steel products, petrochemical products, raw materials, chemicals, automotive supply industry (parts and parts), foodstuffs (wheat, rice, corn, barley , red and white meat, fresh fruit and vegetables), industrial products (electrical devices, machinery, production facilities), construction equipment (excavators, loaders, graders, dozers), pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials and medical products, furniture and forest products (furniture imports have been banned after the last sanctions). "

However, any kind of personal cargo can be sent to Iran such as special cargo etc. In addition, all kinds of files such as envelopes, documents, documents, confidential documents are sent to Iran by cargo. It is sent to Iran with great care in your special items.

İran'a Kargo Gönderimi

Cheapest Iran Cargo

individual wishing to send cargo from Turkey to Iran, all kinds of corporate firms in overseas cargo is sent to the parties, including Iran. It is difficult to take part in this cake and present the most affordable prices in today's world, where billions of lira between the two countries take place. Due to the crises and virus outbreaks, it has become increasingly difficult to send cargo to Iran via international cargo.

Fast express offers its customers the best prices for shipping to Iran. Our company, which offers the most affordable prices for shipping abroad, determines a price according to the desi value of your cargo. The price given by calculating the desi value is the most affordable prices of the market.

The width - length - height of the package is multiplied for the calculation of the volume desi. With the result, you will divide five thousand and find the volume, the desi value. We send your cargo to Iran at the most affordable prices by creating an international cargo shipment according to this desi value.

İran'a Kargo Gönderimi

When Does Cargo Go To Iran?

Since we have a land border to Iran, road and air are used. Our company, which can send for both transportation routes, generally prefer the airway because it is faster and safer. Your cargo is sent in 1-2 days by plane cargo. Whether you receive your cargo from the airport or we will deliver your cargo to your buyer. As Fast Express, it follows your cargo quickly and reliably and delivers it to its final buyer.

As a company, we give you the "Cargo Tracking" number for your cargo. With the cargo tracking number, you can easily track every operation of your cargo on our website.

İran'a Kargo Gönderimi

Which cities do we ship to in Iran?

Fast and cheapest in Iran, especially Tehran, Tabriz, Meshed, Ishafan, Amul, Sari, Gurgan, Shahrud, Kashan, Erak, Sand, Kirmanshah, Ardebil, Resht, Zencan, Shiraz, Hamedan and Ahwaz We provide professional services to our customers with our cargo services.

Fast Express; Overseas Cargo offers fast, safe and professional services to you, our esteemed customers, with its excellent service principle and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution to Iran.

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