Sending Packages to Iran with Cargo
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Sending Packages to Iran with Cargo

It has never been easier to deliver packages, parcels and boxes from Turkey and anywhere in the world to Iran. Relax with Fast express and enjoy a fast and smooth shipping experience; Our industry-leading expertise and unmatched service are always at your service. When sending cargo abroad to Iran, you always need an international cargo company that you can trust. We help streamline the process by guiding you through restrictions, customs fees and delivery options for each country.

Turkey-Iran Cargo Service

With Air Cargo service from Turkey to Tehran, Iran, we offer cargo, air cargo transportation services ideal for sending commercial cargo, goods and excess baggage to Tehran. We offer daily cargo collection and shipping services from Turkey and Iran to Tehran, and air freight services to Iran. We are well established to send cargo or freight. We provided door-to-door emergency courier services for package and documents, if you need an airplane courier to hand-deliver your urgent package or document delivery to Tehran, please contact our company. We are an experienced international shipping company providing export air cargo shipping services to Tehran airport. Our air freight services to Tehran We provide good best services for air freight forwarding company from Turkey to Iran. We do not only send commercial cargo, but also provide the shipment of all non-prohibited goods such as your individual cargoes and personal belongings.

Which Products Can Be Sent to Iran?

Iran banned the import and export of many products due to the US embargo. Some products are allowed except for basic needs. Your import and export products, food products, exhibition equipment and exhibition equipment, industrial materials, documents, printed products, company and office documents, furniture, home textiles, office goods, clothing, clothing and textile products, cosmetics products, accessory parts, bijouterie products, accessories, books, magazines and notebooks, household appliances, car parts, plastic products, baby products, electronic products, documents, papers, documents, candles, samples, computers, wallpapers and blinds products, glass metal containers, computer products and photocopy papers, construction decoration and building materials, medical devices, equipment and materials, parcels, packages, sacks, crates, etc. All shipments that comply with transport standards can be sent to Iran by cargo.

Will There Be Any Problems With Iran Cargo Shipments?

For international cargo shipments, information should be asked from the company to which the transportation will be made, about which destinations the package will be transported. Packages that will go through a lot of transfers will be more likely to be damaged in the download and upload processes, as there will be excessive loading and unloading. Our company offers a hassle-free shipping experience for companies and individuals who do not want to experience all these negativities.

Iran Cargo Prices

When calculating international cargo shipments, pricing is made by taking into account the higher of the volume or weight information. While calculating the volume, the width, height and height are multiplied in cm and divided by the volume calculation figure of 5000, and the resulting figure gives the equivalent of kg for which the relevant package will be priced in terms of volume.

Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we provide the best service to our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution to Iran.

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