Sending Clothes Abroad
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Sending Clothes Abroad

Fast Express, one of the largest companies in the international transportation sector, offers its services by air, land and sea routes. Our company closely monitors customs procedures, natural disasters and bureaucratic processes for the shipments and ensures that your cargo is delivered on time.

Fast Express successfully delivers all individual shipments to the addresses, including manufacturers in the textile sector. In textile products, it successfully manages the most favorable cargo prices for clothing products, cargo tracking and cargo processes.

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Can I Send Belts As Clothes Abroad?

All textile products, including women, men, children, elderly and baby clothes, are sent abroad as Fast Express cargo transportation. Almost all clothing, including trousers, shirts, socks, hijab products, sweaters, t-shirts, athletes, underwear, sportswear, winter and summer clothes, can be sent abroad and you can bring them to our country from abroad.

International Shipping Prices for Clothing Shipping

In sending cargo abroad, our company calculates the prices of your cargo by calculating not the number of your products but the value of the desi. The width - length - height of the package is multiplied for volume decimal calculation. By dividing five thousand with the result, you find the volume, or desi value. We also send your cargo by creating an international cargo shipment according to this desi value.

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Overseas Air Cargo Tracking

We ship your international cargo service clothes to all countries by air abroad. Overseas cargo reaches the destination address with our normal, economic and import courier services after passing through customs. The most important point in international cargo shipping is to follow up all transactions such as when the cargo is delivered, where it is, what procedures it has passed and when it will be delivered to the address.

As Fast Express, our company follows your cargo of clothes in a fast and reliable way and delivers them to the recipient. As a company, we give you a "Cargo Tracking" number for your cargo. With this number, you can easily track your shipments on With our fast express airline export service, we carry your Paid and Free export shipments. We carry your airline exports under the international IATA Rules. With our Airline Export service, we can deliver to the Airport or to your buyer's door, upon your request.

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International Shipping Time for Clothes

Economical delivery options are also available for fast express cargo shipments of clothing to be sent abroad. Economical deliveries are slower than express deliveries but are more affordable. Economic deliveries to Europe can be delivered within 3 working days depending on service changes and within 7 working days depending on the service. We also ship fast deliveries to Europe in 1 day. Fast deliveries in other continental countries can take 2-3 days.

Fast Express, the address of garment textile manufacturers and those who want to send clothes individually; Overseas Cargo, We offer the best services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of perfect service and quality service in the international clothing and textile transportation and distribution.

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