Overseas Shipping With Counter Payment
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Karşı Ödemeli Yurtdışı Kargo

Overseas Shipping With Counter Payment

Overseas shipping is the service of sending a product, property, goods or anything such as documents and special files internationally. These dispatches are sent according to international aviation rules and IATA rules. Every company that provides international cargo service must obey these rules. Fast express provides fast, safe, economical and high quality counter-paid international shipping to all countries of the world.

Counter-paying overseas shipping service is the payment of the cargo by the buyer for the shipment of a product, article, files to countries abroad. Cargoes sent against the counter are paid by buyers. The cargo sent from Turkey to the buyer until delivery to the recipient is not made any collection. Since the international cargoes are sent with the buyer payment, the cargo or the fee of the product is collected by the authorized cargo employee.

Karşı Ödemeli Yurtdışı Kargo

Overseas Cargo with Buyer Payment

Collection of the products sold is made at the door by cash or credit card. The cargo or courier worker takes the money of the cargo or product fee and delivers the cargo to the buyer. In addition, in your normal cargo shipments, payment is received and delivered by the cargo authority from the buyer.

Fast express adds strength to its worldwide prepaid cargo service. Fast express, which offers flexible solutions for its customers, offers a freight forwarding service to its door, providing a great opportunity for the resolution of your business. Your cargo in Turkey, no matter where on your door, you can create online or come to our branches to send freight prepaid. The cargoes you send will be specially packaged and stored by our company. When it goes, your cargo is loaded on the planes to depart.

Karşı Ödemeli Yurtdışı Kargo

Overseas Aircraft Cargo With Counter Payment

Your cargo is shipped by plane cargo and shipped within the day. Overseas cargoes can be sent to Europe in one day and to other continents in 2-3 days. You can track your cargo with the cargo tracking number we have given to you after your cargoes have come out with aircraft cargo. In addition, we inform you about your cargo's status by message and e-mail. Our aircraft cargo service, which is the best option for our economic and time-priority customers, is sent at the most affordable prices.

International Shipping With Affordable Counter Payment

Due to the economic breakdowns in our country and the world in recent years, price increases have been experienced in every sector. Since these increases have also been experienced in the cargo sector, there are also updates in shipping charges in overseas shipments. Fast express reflects to the customers by making very small updates in the old prices in the international shipping prices. Our company, which offers the most affordable prices in line with the needs of our customers, sends all kinds of cargo in the cargo service that pays abroad.

Thousands of products, documents, confidential documents and special items are sent abroad in every sector such as textile, technology, metal and plastic with counter-paid cargo. The collection of your cargo delivered at the door of your receiver is also made from your receiver. Cargos that are not collected are never given to the buyer.

Karşı Ödemeli Yurtdışı Kargo

As fast express, it provides professional support to its customers in the international shipping service. Our experienced team provides you with flexible solutions, and allows you to deliver your cargo shipments abroad. Our instant support team is with you without any discrimination of customers.

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