Overseas Shipping Weight Prices

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Yurtdışı Kargo Kilo Fiyatları

Overseas Shipping Weight Prices

Fast Express is an integrated international cargo shipping company with a wide range of service options. Our company is one of the best companies for your shipments with less time sensitivity and for your cargo shipments that are time sensitive. Our company offers you the best services for sending the products you manufacture and the products you will sell abroad.

Regardless of weight, we ship your cargo shipments abroad. The price of your products that you will send on a kilo basis is usually calculated according to the desi value. The desi value is derived based on the width, height and weight. We offer you our prices according to the desi value.

With Fast Express, we deliver your shipments to your recipient without any problem after thousands of routes with a comprehensive shipping network, from to the end recipient. Regardless of the weight of your cargo, we ship it by land, sea and especially by air. We generally prefer airline because it is safer and faster. Your shipments are sent considering the international transportation rules.

Yurtdışı Kargo Kilo Fiyatları

Which Products Can I Send Abroad?

 We transport every product you can think of, including electricity, electronics, metal, plastic, textile, food products, products with or without pallets, to more than 220 countries abroad. In addition, all kinds of documents such as documents, files, company documents, private files are sent abroad. Apart from the products and documents you manufacture, we deliver your souvenirs and personal belongings to the point you want in the world.

How Is Your Cargo Carried?

One of the most important points during your international cargo shipments is to pack the cargo correctly and securely. It is difficult to cause any damage to your cargo when your package is packed securely. Our company, which takes your cargo from your door, carefully carries out the transportation process and ensures that it is sent. Our company keeps track of your international cargo shipment until it reaches its destination abroad and provides you with a trouble-free service.

Yurtdışı Kargo Kilo Fiyatları

International Shipping Prices

Our company works hard to offer the best prices for the products you will send abroad. Our prices, which we determine according to the desi value and number of your cargo and the country of destination, are the best prices in the market. Your cargos sent to Europe in 1-2 days are delivered to America, Asia and African countries in 2-3 days.

Pay at the Door Overseas Shipping

220 countries from Turkey and abroad from abroad door, you can send my pay overseas shipping. It is very easy nowadays to send international cargo with payment at the door. With Fast Express, you can make a call by calling 0215 414 4410 or 0232 425 1205, indicating that the shipment you want to send is paid at the door and make the transactions accordingly. Fast Express; We offer professional services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service in Overseas Cargo, International document, package transportation and distribution, and quality service understanding.

Yurtdışı Kargo Kilo Fiyatları

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