Overseas Shipping Calculation
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Yurtdışı Kargo Hesaplama

Overseas Shipping Calculation

International shipping costs of a company or person in international shipping can be extremely costly. The cheapest international overseas shipping is very important. Because nobody sends cargo from a high cost company. The most important point in international shipping is the price. Companies that adjust the international cargo calculation price in the most appropriate way come to important points in the market. The reasonable price is valuable in order to keep your customers in your hands and to work harder with you in international shipping.

How to Reduce Costs in International Shipping?

In order to reduce the costs of companies and individuals in international shipping, first of all, the weight and size of your cargo is determined by the value of the deci of the cargo calculated. For this reason, you should reduce the size and weight of your cargo as much as possible.
Another method is that the more materials you send, the more affordable prices you can get from the sending company. Sending less material in numbers may increase the price.
How fast the international cargo to be sent affects the price. Standard or fast shipping can change the price.
It may also vary depending on the route to which the overseas cargo will be sent. Land, air, sea and rail may change prices.
Prices may differ depending on the value of the goods you send.
When you fill in your paperwork properly and keep the necessary documents in full, you can reduce costs in prices.
Use electronic commerce documents
Make sure the information you use is reliable and up to date
International Shipping Prices

Yurtdışı Kargo Hesaplama

Our company, Fast Express, is one of the rare companies that offers the best prices to its customers in the international arena and in our country. Our company, which provides service with its quality service understanding and reasonable price, calculates your cargo in the most affordable way and offers you such prices. The fastest, best and affordable transportation in cargo shipping abroad is airline air cargo transportation.

International Air cargo transportation delivers your goods to their destination quickly. Transporting them by air is the fastest method of transportation. Although container transportation is at the forefront for convenience, air cargo can be preferred because it is fast and safe. With regard to prices, whichever is greater is determined based on actual gross weight or volumetric weight. International air transport is usually sent to any country of the world, with an average of 1 to 3 days.

Yurtdışı Kargo Hesaplama

Our company, an international cargo company, Fast Express, when calculating your international cargo shipments, pricing is made by considering the volume of the package or the weight of the package, whichever is higher. When calculating the volume, the width x length x height dimensions are multiplied by each other in cm and divided by the volume calculation figure, which is 5000, the resulting figure gives the kg equivalent to which the relevant package will be priced as volume. For the relevant parcel or package, its own kilogram weight is also weighed, whichever is greater, this weight is taken into account and pricing is made on the relevant figure.

When calculating the international cargo prices, the weight of the package to be sent and the volume weight calculated according to the volume of the package, whichever is larger, is priced on this weight and the payment is made according to the country list of the destination country and the amount corresponding to the country. The economical size of the package will make the package price less freight.

Yurtdışı Kargo Hesaplama

No matter where you want to send your cargo abroad, wherever you are in the world, our company sends fast express by offering you the best prices. Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we deliver to our esteemed customers at the most affordable prices, with the principle of perfect service in document, package transportation and distribution in the international arena and understanding of quality service.

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