Overseas Shipping Address Pickup Service

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Yurtdışı Kargo Adresten Alım Hizmeti

Overseas Shipping Address Pickup Service

Turkey Overseas cargo sector 'are representing the company with the Fast experss cargo organizer of sound and moving works in many platforms, engages in activities that demonstrate the power and dynamics of the industry. Our company, which provides all kinds of services in the field of international cargo transportation, provides shipping to 220 countries around the world. Our company, which removes the geographical boundaries, has brought a great momentum by carrying the competition to significant levels especially in the international arena.

Special precautions are being developed in various parts of our country, especially in developed countries with a high rate of growth in international cargo transportation service in the global market. Today, the most important international cargo delivery is carried out by e-commerce and e-export methods. We offer our online shipping service, which is constantly active online, to our valued customers by incorporating the latest generation technologies by our company. It is taken from your door without notice, online or in any way, and the necessary transactions are initiated and we deliver it to your recipient's door.

We Receive Overseas Shipping Package From Address

We come to your door and collect the packages you will send abroad. Whether you want to start transactions online or contact our company, we come to your door and send your cargo. Turkey's 81 provinces to be wherever you are in the most Ucra ubiquitous to the corner Our couriers take delivery of the cargo packages come to your door. Then, we initiate the necessary procedures for your cargoes coming to our center and send them abroad.

We can get everything from your door, including packages, documents, products you manufacture, personal belongings, special items, souvenirs, company documents, private documents abroad. Then we deliver it to your buyer's door.

Overseas Counter-Paid Cargo

When sending your international cargo with counter payment, the payment must be confirmed by your recipient. The relevant payment confirmations are provided over the links made by the cargo company over the information reported by the sender. Cargoes without payment confirmation are returned to the sender. During the return, the related costs are collected from the sender. In overseas counter-paid shipments, freight charges are collected from the buyer, as well as taxes that may occur in the customs of the relevant country. If the relevant tax payments requested by sending an extra fee payable can be translated from Turkey, the process will occur in this regard will be billed to the sender and collection is done. Your international cargo shipping fees can be collected from your recipient by credit card, cash, eft, money order.

International Shipping Prices

In the field of international cargo, our team is working intensively to provide the most affordable pricing in the international arena. We are producing new solutions in order to expand our agreement with the international shipping company providing network services and to address all of Turkey from abroad in order to make the delivery address you have found the most economical and fastest way. Thus, we offer you much more affordable prices. In addition, we offer you special prices for your bulk shipments. Our company, which provides shipping to 220 countries of the world, offers the best prices of the market according to the volumetric values ​​of your cargo.

Fastest Overseas Shipping

We provide you with the safest shipping by choosing the best ways for fast shipping abroad. Your cargo leaving our center passes through customs quickly after being sent by air cargo. Then, our couriers take your cargo and deliver it to your recipient's door in the fastest way possible. Your cargo is sent out within 1-2 business days from Turkey to Germany and other European countries. It is shipped to China, America and other countries of the world in 2-3 business days. Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we offer the best services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service and quality service in document, package transportation and distribution in the international arena.

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