Overseas Express Transportation
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International Express Transportation

We are able to provide overseas express delivery to Ekpress door-to-door overseas delivery service, which is offered to over 200 countries of the world for shipments with a total product value less than 7.500 Euro and total weight not exceeding 150 kg. the shipments covered by your edilir.gönderi quickly and delivered reliably and quickly to address overseas to buyers with affordable rates privileges cities in Turkey that has been found in general close to you, to be specified FAST EXPRESS can be delivered to the nearest of the agency or www.fast-express.com Uma found on the website You can use the overseas cargo shipment service 0232 4251202-03-04-05 You can call our international call center for Istanbul 0212 5414410. matt time 1-2 business days after our average output abroad from Turkey to Europe, for the United States 2-3, 3-4 to South America, to Africa 4-5, 2-5 to Far East countries, Russia and Ukraine sends documents 3-4 business days to reach our current prices. 0232 4254583 - 0212 5414410 The additional fees applied in the scope of the product are as follows: War to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea and Iran in overseas Express product. There is an additional charge of EUR 35 for transportation prices due to such situations as terrorism or social upheaval. A campaign discount is not applied to the corresponding supplement. Shipments that cannot be reached abroad and cannot be delivered or accepted by the buyer will be refunded as a fee. The amount of the return shipping fee will be invoiced to the sender as return fee. The standard piece weight per kg is 70 kg and the standard size limit is 220 cm. Any extra non-standard shipping fee is charged for shipments over this size and weight. Operators carrying out international transports vary the changes in oil prices as fuel price difference. FAST EXPRESS International Cargo is your only economic and reliable address for your overseas cargos.

Overseas Fast Shipping Service

You can make your shipments to every point of the world easily, safely and easily. Overseas Express Transport service content is provided to you within the scope of the guarantee and is included in the best price understanding. In addition, the Fast Express Cargo company provides payment facilities and also takes care of customer satisfaction. Our company meets the transportation and logistics needs of many countries of the world with many solution partners abroad. Fast Express Cargo makes the business process plan, keeps track of your shipments and documents and is organized for your needs. By examining the most appropriate freight offers in detail, it brings together the documents, products, documents, goods, goods, documents, products or materials that are subject to transportation with combined services.

We are able to provide overseas express delivery services to overseas express deliveries that are delivered to more than 200 countries of the world for shipments with a total product value less than 7.500 Euro and total weight not exceeding 150 kg. Your shipments are delivered quickly and reliably to your buyers' overseas addresses with fast and economical price privileges.

Express Cargo Transportation

You will send the documents, documents or products to be sent to the country of the European Union Customs Laws are available. The customs legislation of each country may vary. We carry out transactions according to customs regulations, laws and cargo conditions within the scope of Fast Express overseas cargo service. When you are sending or receiving cargo to many countries of the world, the company you choose should know the customs legislation, laws and service accordingly. Package, envelope, parcel, document, document, export products etc. You can easily send and receive your purchases easily and at very low cost. You should make sure that the product you send beforehand is legal or not. Some products are prohibited in accordance with the shipping regulations. You can easily find out which products are forbidden and which products do not cause problems. At the same time, it is required to send it by special packaging according to the type and weight of the product. Otherwise, your cargo may not reach your destination securely. Fast Express Shipping carries out the delivery of the goods to your destination with the help of special packaging solutions for all overseas transportation services.

When you are sending cargo abroad, you are charged according to your shipping delivery option. You can choose from Express shipping or economic cargo and send cargo. You should choose express shipping service to reach your destination as soon as possible. Your cargo must be sent by air cargo to make it go faster. We deliver your shipments to the address on the same day or next day with our international air cargo service.

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