Overseas Express Cargo Shipment

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Overseas Express Cargo Shipment

Overseas express shipping is the most economical and fastest cargo transportation service. Shipments to all continents of the world are delivered safely with Fast Express Shipping. It is sent to every country abroad, whether for personal or institutional purposes, under all conditions. The most important criterion in the international cargo shipments is the timely arrival and safe transportation. Fast Express Shipping eliminates this time and trust problem.

In addition to import and export of goods, you can send document shipments to the countries of the world to all countries of the world with Fast Express Shipping. Fast Express cargo eliminates the stressful process that ends with the passing of the buyer from the moment he leaves the country abroad. The value of the goods / goods / goods you send abroad must not exceed 7500 euros. In addition, if the total weight exceeds 150 kilograms, you should have a discussion with Fast Express Shipping again. Shipments you have entrusted to us in overseas express cargo service are transported in the fastest and most economical way and delivered safely.

Fast Express Shipping

Corporate or private overseas shipments, the most reliable and most affordable way is made with Fast Express Shipping. Special discount is provided if you are sending bulk overseas cargo. You can contact us immediately to make a deal.

International Express shipping shipping fees vary depending on the size and weight of the goods / product / goods that you want to be transported, the country to be shipped and accordingly the desired additional services. You can get more information from Fast Express Shipping website. Fast Express Shipping is the most convenient and most secure delivery option for your company in terms of cost, in terms of shipping options and alternatives. Overseas cargo shipments are carefully prepared, packed and packaged by Fast Express shipping. The fastest way is through paperwork. It is delivered in the safest way. Since airway is preferred, air transport is provided. Besides, road and sea route is an alternative to overseas Express shipping.

Express Shipping

For international express cargo goods or products, the weight per standard piece should be 70 kg. The standard size limit is also set to a maximum of 220 cm. For shipping above these sizes and weights, a delivery fee is charged outside of the extra standard. Overseas Express shipping service; The operators carrying out international transportation reflect the changes in oil prices as fuel price difference. Fast Express Shipping is the only economical and reliable address for your overseas Express cargos.

At the same time, your shipments in many countries and regions around the world can reach you, as they send cargo abroad with our overseas express shipping service. You can bring your product / goods / documents to yourself.

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