Overseas Cargo Shipments That Will Be Degraded Quickly
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Çabuk Bozulacak Kargo Gönderimi

Cargo Shipments That Will Be Broken Quickly

In the international cargo services, the cargo type that the companies pay attention to most is the cargo that deteriorates quickly. This type of cargo must be sent to the address specified abroad. On the other hand, packing is done correctly so that the cargo does not deteriorate quickly. It should not be damaged if it is handled with care in cargo that deteriorates quickly.

The perishable products are generally products such as plants and food. As this type of products will deteriorate during the day, packaging and fast shipping are extremely important. Cargoes that are made resistant to heat can last longer. Increasing food consumption today also raises the need of people to supply these needs quickly.

Çabuk Bozulacak Kargo Gönderimi

International Aircraft Cargo

Rapidly increasing food consumption in recent years, mankind wants more of this need. To meet this need, cargoes are now carried out very quickly internationally. As a company, we prefer the airline to send cargo shipments of individual and corporate companies quickly.

In aircraft, the technology of keeping up to -25 and +25 degrees is used for products that deteriorate quickly in today's technology. Cargo companies are rapidly increasing their investments in this direction.

Çabuk Bozulacak Kargo Gönderimi

Perishable Overseas Cargo Transport

Temperature control is very important in the perishable cargo transportation. Products to be transported must be at a certain temperature. Overseas cargoes that are transported in accordance with international IATA rules are transported by controlling hot and cold temperatures.

The perishable cargoes are generally medicines, milk, dairy products, plants, flowers, frozen products, living organisms, meat and meat products, fresh vegetable products. There should be signs that the perishable cargo is a perishable product. Your package with the necessary informational warnings is sent abroad specifically.

Çabuk Bozulacak Kargo Gönderimi

Cheapest Freight Shipping Prices

International shipping prices vary depending on the size and weight of the cargo. It is priced separately as it will be a fast shipment especially for the cargoes that will deteriorate quickly. Turkey and countries of the world you want to send cargo to every city prices are also determined by these criteria.

The volume of your cargoes, which will deteriorate quickly, should be calculated. The width - length - height of the package is multiplied for the calculation of the volume desi. By dividing five thousand, you will find the volume, the desi value. We send your cargo by creating an international cargo according to this desi value.

Çabuk Bozulacak Kargo Gönderimi

International Shipping Prices By Firms

According to the companies, shipping prices abroad vary. We make special pricing for our customers who have a long time and much more cargo shipments. Our company, which offers the most affordable prices in the market, also provides the highest quality service.

Overseas Cargo Tracking

Overseas cargo tracking is also valid for cargo that will deteriorate quickly. You can follow every move of your cargo with the cargo tracking number we provide. Question your shipment by writing the shipping tracking number in the Shipment inquiry box on the main page of our website. When you make an inquiry, you can easily follow every move of your cargo.

Çabuk Bozulacak Kargo Gönderimi

Fast express provides professional services to its customers without discrimination with its team experienced in international cargo transportation and quality service understanding.

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