Overseas Cargo Sending Valuable Documents
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Overseas Cargo Sending Negotiable Documents

With international cargo, sending valuable, valuable and important documents has become much faster and safer today. After our company has made your application for the transportation of valuable documents abroad, a feasibility study is carried out and the suitability of the request is decided. We send all important or unimportant documents that are suitable for transport.

The Advantage of How to Transport Valuable Documents with Overseas Cargo

It ensures that the risks are completely eliminated during transportation.
Transport costs are reduced.
Your documents are secured.
Your workload is reduced.
You can manage your business more easily.
Your cargo reaches your recipient in the fastest way.

Which Documents Can Be Sent With Overseas Cargo?

As Fast Express, in addition to valuable documents, international files, documents, invoices, price offers, contracts, mutual correspondence, forms, application documents, printed products, company and office documents, school documents, visa documents, document documents, price list, registration document, proforma invoices, printed paper products, atr circulation certificate, passport, student documents, diplomas and temporary diplomas, flyers, catalogs, brochures and all document transportation and distribution with its quality service understanding, it offers economical and safe services with the capacity to meet the demands of our customers.

What are the Required Documents for International Shipment from Turkey?
The sample varies in all ETGB or declared shipments. For the sample; Bill of Lading and Proforma Invoice for ETGB; Invoice, E-Archive Invoice, Etgb Information Form and Bill of Lading are sufficient. For declared shipments; Loading Note, E-Invoice, Packing List and Bill of Lading are sufficient. Your customs officer carries out the declaration procedures.

Fast Delivery of Negotiable Documents Abroad

When sending documents abroad, you should contact Fast express immediately to have your documents delivered by the end of the next possible business day. Your cargo, which is sent to Europe in 1 business day, is sent to other continental countries in 2-3 days. It ensures that your cargo sent by air cargo is sent quickly and safely.

Hassle-Free Sending of Valuable Documents

Paper documents can be small, so it's important to pack them correctly to avoid damage in transit. If the information you send is confidential, you should also ensure that it is not read by anyone dealing with your shipment on its way to your recipient.

All shipments are important to us and we do our best to ensure they are not lost or damaged in transit. However, you should be careful when sending anything that may be irreplaceable or expensive or difficult to replace, such as a passport or birth certificate.

Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we offer the best services to our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service and quality service in the transportation and distribution of valuable documents in the international arena.

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