Overseas Cargo for Commercial Firms

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Ticari Firmalar için Yurtdışı Kargo

Overseas Cargo for Commercial Firms

In recent years, with the increase in trade in the world, the number of companies providing foreign cargo services has also increased. In order to meet the needs of the transportation services and respond quickly, the cargo companies also work to provide services in this direction. Overseas cargo companies, which serve to meet the needs of commercial companies, are accelerating their activities.

In this context, it creates a bill of lading by receiving your fast express shipment, which serves for commercial companies that want to send cargo abroad. The bill of lading with the consignor information of your cargoes, price information, is the document that the purchasing commercial company should have at the customs check to use at the customs. Although it is troublesome and high in price, shipping is always done for commercial companies. As a company, as a result of increasing prices, we extract the most affordable prices of the market for all commercial companies.

Ticari Firmalar için Yurtdışı Kargo

Cheapest International Shipping for Commercial Companies

International cargo delivery is made with the prices determined according to the address and size of your cargo. The width - length - height of the package is multiplied to calculate the volume of your cargo. By dividing five thousand, you will find the volume, the desi value. We send your cargo by creating an international cargo according to this desi value. For commercial companies, your materials and documents are sent to every company address in every country in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and Australia continents.

Fast Express, which is the address of fast and safe shipping, to more than 200 countries in the world with the service of “Micro Export” (output with ETGB), with the authority to indirectly represent the transactions of shipments under 150kg, goods value below 7500 €, Customs Consultancy Fee, bill of lading and warehouse We do the transfer process quickly and safely without charge.

Ticari Firmalar için Yurtdışı Kargo

Fast and Safe International Shipping

One of the most important points in overseas cargo service is safe cargo shipping. Our company, which provides safe cargo delivery service for every commercial company, sends cargo in accordance with international IATA rules. Our company, which creates fast and safe cargo delivery within the legal framework, generally prefer the airway. With aircraft cargo, your cargo is sent quickly and safely.

Overseas Courier Service for Commercial Firms

The cargoes sent for each commercial company are sent to the airport of that country first. After that, our courier service loads your cargo to the vehicles to be sent to the buyer company. The cargoes loaded on the vehicle set out to be delivered to the purchasing company to the official. If the information of the buyer company is correct, the cargo is delivered and the cargo is delivered.

Ticari Firmalar için Yurtdışı Kargo

Cargo Tracking for Commercial Companies

You can easily track your cargo with the cargo tracking number given to you by our company that makes cargo tracking for commercial companies. With the cargo tracking number, you can track every move of your cargo on our website. In addition, our company, which has the best system for cargo tracking, works hard to send your cargo safely in the background.

What Can Commercial Firms Send Abroad?

Every commercial company can easily send all prohibited products abroad. We carry thousands of products from every sector, including textiles, plastics, spare parts, technological products, metal industry, stationery, document documents, confidential documents and private goods of companies.

Ticari Firmalar için Yurtdışı Kargo

As fast express, in order to meet the demands of the industry in international international cargo transportation, it provides companies with fast, safe and economic prices and professional services with its expert team.

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